About Us

PatentGuru is a global patent database and intelligence software company headquartered in Seattle.  PatentGuru's diverse team members have extensive technical and patent background.  They have Ph.D. and master degrees in Biology, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Math and Business.  Many have worked in technology companies such as Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Google and Patent Offices.  

At PatentGuru, we are building a comprehensive patent research platform that helps everyone, from individual inventors to expanding corporate teams, to effectively search and manage patent documents with tools they need to get work done. We want to help clients make sense of the technology innovation that drive their businesses forward, using patent documents. PatentGuru systems organize and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured patent data, uses scientific methods to extract knowledge and insights from the data and presents the data through a sophisticated dynamic user interface which enables the user to find answers to their most important questions.

Thousands of people and organizations around the world are using PatentGuru to find patent documents they need, investigate their innovative ideas, and drive their business forward.

Making patent search, analysis, collaboration, and management simpler, easier, and better.