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1 US10762037B2
Data processing system
Publication/Patent Number: US10762037B2 Publication Date: 2020-09-01 Application Number: 15/750,662 Filing Date: 2016-03-25 Inventor: Shimizu, Akira   Isozaki, Takuya   Hara, Norihiro   Assignee: HITACHI, LTD   IPC: G06F16/00 Abstract: A data processing system according to an embodiment of the present invention may manage one or more tables and a plurality of archive files including one or more records extracted from the table. Upon receiving a search request for the table, the data processing system may generate a query (first partial query) to search for a record from the table corresponding to a condition specified by the search request, and generate a query (second partial query) to identify the archive file including the record extracted from the table specified as a search target in the search request, and search the identified archive file for the record corresponding to the condition specified by the search request. A query for deriving a union of the output results of the first partial query and the second partial query may be generated, and processing related to the generated query may be executed in parallel.
2 JP6628849B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6628849B2 Publication Date: 2020-01-15 Application Number: 2018179654 Filing Date: 2018-09-26 Inventor: Ishii, Tomoyuki   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G16H20/60 Abstract: To propose food materials truly required for improvement of conditions, as an appropriate number of candidates, to a user who intends to cook and take food materials with their own method and timing.SOLUTION: A food material proposal device of the present invention stores condition and nutrient information in which effectiveness of nutrients for improvement of conditions is stored for each of the combinations of the conditions and nutrients, and food material and nutrient information in which the amount of nutrients contained in food materials is stored for each of the combinations of the food materials and nutrients, receives a plurality of conditions input by a user, searches for the condition and nutrient information on the basis of the plurality of received conditions, acquires effectiveness for improvement of the plurality of conditions for each of the nutrients, calculates a score for each of the food materials on the basis of the acquired effectiveness and the content of each of the food materials stored in the food material and nutrient information, determines a preset arbitrary number of food materials to be proposed to the user on the basis of the magnitude relationship between the scores, and displays the determined food materials.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
3 JP6641308B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6641308B2 Publication Date: 2020-02-05 Application Number: 2017010977 Filing Date: 2017-01-25 Inventor: Miyamae, Maki   Kato, Kanako   Saito, Yuki   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: B66B5/02 Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To cause a controller to arrive a cage of an elevator losing absolute position information to an end floor safely and quickly.SOLUTION: The controller for the elevator: calculates a moving distance of the cage after movement start when moving the stopped cage to the end floor after returning from the position computing disabled state where calculation of an absolute position is in the impossible state to the position computing possible state; accelerates speed of the cage if the moving distance exceeds a distance set value; and performs control which forcefully decelerates the cage to a speed set value or lower if speed of the cage when an end floor detection device detects that the cage passes through a prescribed position in the neighborhood of the end floor exceeds the speed set value.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4
4 US2020117948A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020117948A1 Publication Date: 2020-04-16 Application Number: 16/604,226 Filing Date: 2017-12-21 Inventor: Kong, Quan   Watanabe, Yuki   Akira, Naoto   Matsubara, Daisuke   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06K9/62 Abstract: Provided is technique of object recognition that can accurately recognize an object. An object recognition apparatus (i) generates property data that highlights a specific property based on target data, (ii) extracts a discrimination-use feature amount used for discrimination of each piece of the property data, (iii) calculates discrimination information used for discrimination of the property data, (iv) extractsa reliability feature amount used for estimation of reliability of the discrimination information calculated for each piece of the property data, (v) estimates the reliability of the discrimination information, (vi) generates synthesized information acquired by synthesizing the discrimination information calculated for each piece of the property data and the reliability calculated for each piece of the property data, and (vii) performs processing related to the object recognition.
5 JP6638024B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6638024B2 Publication Date: 2020-01-29 Application Number: 2018115418 Filing Date: 2018-06-18 Inventor: Kondo, Yuki   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06F16/182 Abstract: To manage a life cycle of a smart contract mounted by using a block chain technology.SOLUTION: A first node communicates with one or more second nodes for participating in a consensus system, and receives a request for executing a first smart contract associated with a first block chain from a computing device. The first node reads transaction data from the first block chain as a transaction result to call the execution of the first smart contract for causing the first smart contract to execute a transaction. When a simulation indicator indicating that the expiration time of the first smart contract has arrived is set, the first node refrains from writing a transaction result in the block chain, and transmits the transaction result to the computing device.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
6 JP6640769B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6640769B2 Publication Date: 2020-02-05 Application Number: 2017030936 Filing Date: 2017-02-22 Inventor: Takahashi, Toshimitsu   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G08G1/13 Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To maintain accuracy in service while reducing maintenance and management costs of data, in a center system that manages information obtained from a vehicle.SOLUTION: There are provided an accumulation processing unit for accumulating probe information received from a vehicle in accordance with a predetermined collection condition in a storage unit; a model generation unit that generates a model for determining whether or not an event being a distribution condition of service information about a certain service to the vehicle occurs, based on the accumulated probe information; a model evaluation unit that determines whether or not the event included in the service information distributed in accordance with the generated model occurs with predetermined accuracy; and a deletion unit that deletes the probe information that is not used as the other service, out of the accumulated information, when it is determined that the event occurs with the predetermined accuracy.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5
7 JP6639596B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6639596B2 Publication Date: 2020-02-05 Application Number: 2018167368 Filing Date: 2018-09-06 Inventor: Abe, Mitsuji   Fujikawa, Takuya   Hanada, Hikari   Sakakibara, Kenji   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G01N24/00 Abstract: To perform shimming capable of acquiring uniformity similar to ideal shimming, to a magnet requiring a precise magnetic field.SOLUTION: A magnetic field adjustment method has the first to the sixth steps. In the sixth step, shimming is performed virtually from a post-correction magnetic field intensity distribution in the fifth step, and if a result of magnetic field evaluation after shimming has sufficient uniformity, a shim magnetic substance is arranged on a shim tray following an arrangement condition acquired in the fourth step.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
8 JP6641403B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6641403B2 Publication Date: 2020-02-05 Application Number: 2018046292 Filing Date: 2018-03-14 Inventor: Sato, Mitsuru   Umekita, Taisuke   Yamamoto, Hideo   Hayashi, Ichiro   Nakagami, Eri   Kita, Masakazu   Umehara, Yuto   Euchi, Yuki   Ogitsu, Nozomi   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: H04M11/04 Abstract: To enable more efficient execution of an effect capable of reporting to an appropriate fire department report information such as an image and video to be reported by using a characteristic of a report information system and using a smart device such as a tablet terminal.SOLUTION: A video report support server includes: a connection detection unit that detects and accepts a connection request from a reporter terminal to an acceptance terminal; a zone determination unit that receives location information transmitted from the reporter terminal and, on the basis of the location information, determines a zone in which the reporter is located; a jurisdiction determination unit that on the basis of the location information, determines a jurisdiction area corresponding to a report acceptance station in the zone; and a reporter terminal/acceptance terminal linking unit that when it is determined by the jurisdiction determination unit that the reporter belongs to the jurisdiction area corresponding to the report acceptance station in the zone, links the reporter terminal with an acceptance terminal covering the jurisdiction area corresponding to the report acceptance station. The reporter terminal/acceptance terminal linking unit connects the linked reporter terminal and acceptance terminal to enable transmission of video report information transmitted from the reporter terminal to the acceptance terminal.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5
9 JP6637917B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6637917B2 Publication Date: 2020-01-29 Application Number: 2017051654 Filing Date: 2017-03-16 Inventor: Ban, Masahide   Akashi, Takuya   Iwama, Tokuhiro   Matoba, Kosuke   Nakajima, Kazukuni   Shibata, Yoshitaka   Tsukijishin, Kenta   Noda, Hiroyuki   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G09B19/00 Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To alleviate burden of an educator relative to a plurality of groups.SOLUTION: An education support system includes: a plurality of robots in charge of respective plurality of groups to which each educator belongs; a controller for controlling the plurality of robots; and a database accessible from the controller. The plurality of robots can move by control from the controller, acquire status information including at least one of a video or sound of the group to transmit it to the controller, and output information received from the controller by control from the controller. The controller associates status information of each group with an educator belonging to the group to accumulate it in the database, acquires results of output of information on an agenda from a specific robot and the status information on discussion of a specific group from the specific robot, and determines action of the specific robot from machine learning based on the status information accumulated in the database, and controls the specific robot.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
10 GB2569872B
Instance usage facilitating system
Publication/Patent Number: GB2569872B Publication Date: 2020-01-01 Application Number: 201818373 Filing Date: 2018-11-12 Inventor: Junji, Kinoshita   Nazim, Sebih   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06F11/30 Abstract: A cloud computing system deploys instances of virtual machines 8211. Metrics about the instances are acquired 100. An instance is selected 300, and a user of the instance M is asked whether the instance is active, idle or in an unknown state. A chatbot interface 910 may be used to communicate with the user via a user terminal 900. A label is attached to the instance based on the user’s response. This may be performed iteratively to label multiple instances. The instance may be selected using a heuristic algorithm, which may use log transformation and scale transformation. A machine learning unit 600 is trained using the labels to determine the state of an instance from the metrics. The cloud computing system may be a multi-tenant cloud environment.
11 JP6636473B2
Publication/Patent Number: JP6636473B2 Publication Date: 2020-01-29 Application Number: 2017051558 Filing Date: 2017-03-16 Inventor: Kitani, Takao   Furuse, Isao   Ono, Daisuke   Matsushita, Takayoshi   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: A61N5/10 Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To present information without delay along a work procedure of an operator, and suppress prolongation of a preparation period for treatment, in particular, both in an operation room and in a treatment room.SOLUTION: A particle beam treatment system includes: a patient platform 8 arranged in a tip direction of an irradiation nozzle 104, which is configured so as to be moved; a treatment information system 2 for managing prescription data; a treatment control system 3 for receiving a target position stored in the treatment information system 2, and causing a main display system 6 to present it; a pendant 7 for inputting a movement instruction to the patient platform 8; the main display system 6 for receiving a target position of the patient platform 8 from the treatment control system 3, and displaying the actual position of the patient platform 8; and a patient positioning support system 9 for calculating a correction value for the target position of the patient platform 8, and providing it to the treatment control system 3 and the pendant 7. The treatment control system 3 transmits the target position of the patient platform 8 to the treatment information system 2 in a cycle shorter than the operation sequence, and an initial value to be transmitted is stored beforehand.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4
12 US2020277609A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020277609A1 Publication Date: 2020-09-03 Application Number: 16/787,446 Filing Date: 2020-02-11 Inventor: Zhang, Ruolan   Nishida, Hirokazu   Senda, Naoko   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: C12N15/113 Abstract: A method of optimizing a synthesis reaction condition for a compound which is synthesized through one or a plurality of reaction steps, the method including: controlling the expression amount of at least one enzyme among one or a plurality of enzymes in the reaction steps by using a wild type and/or a mutant of a promoter; and measuring the synthesis amount of a target compound.
13 US2020279633A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020279633A1 Publication Date: 2020-09-03 Application Number: 16/793,067 Filing Date: 2020-02-18 Inventor: Sasaki, Mami   Ito, Eitaro   Tokunaga, Tatsuya   Nogami, Daisuke   Hori, Satomi   Niizeki, Ryota   Tsuruga, Yuta   Kano, Kozue   Uegaki, Eriko   Takegami, Eizaburou   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G16H20/30 Abstract: A system analyzes behavior data obtained by measuring behaviors of a plurality of target persons, and based on a result of the analysis, defines a stage indicator, which is an indicator as a criterion of a plurality of stages via which a behavior as a target of habituation is aimed at step by step, and each of the plurality of stages following the stage indicator. For each pair of adjacent stages, the system identifies a gap between two stages constituting the pair. For each stage pair, the system identifies a reason/measure that is at least one of a reason for existence of the identified gap and a measure for causing a target person belonging to a lower stage to make a behavior change to shift to a higher stage, from relationship information in which a relationship between the gap and the reason/measure is defined.
14 US10762021B2
Information processing system, and control method of information processing system
Publication/Patent Number: US10762021B2 Publication Date: 2020-09-01 Application Number: 16/086,297 Filing Date: 2016-07-11 Inventor: Nakagawa, Hirotaka   Deguchi, Akira   Nasu, Hiroshi   Kawaguchi, Tomohiro   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06F13/40 Abstract: An information system connected to hosts and an information processing system manages a second ALU connected to the hosts via a second logical path, and second SLUs for receiving I/O requests from the hosts via the second logical path. A processor manages a first ALU connected to the hosts via a first logical path and first SLUs that receive I/O requests from the hosts via the first logical path, and builds up a first group including the first SLUs. A first SLU and a second SLU compose an HA pair, and the HA pair is provided to the hosts as one volume. The processor evaluates the state of the first logical path based on the pair state of the first SLU that composes the HA pair included in the first group so priorities with which the hosts issue I/Os to the first logical path can be determined.
15 US10765349B2
Magnetic resonance imaging device and method for calculating oxygen extraction fractions
Publication/Patent Number: US10765349B2 Publication Date: 2020-09-08 Application Number: 16/342,612 Filing Date: 2017-10-11 Inventor: Shirai, Toru   Satoh, Ryota   Taniguchi, Yo   Ochi, Hisaaki   Sotome, Yoshihisa   Bito, Yoshitaka   Murase, Takenori   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: A61B5/145 Abstract: Provided is a technique for calculating an oxygen extraction fraction by using MRI where the oxygen extraction fraction in a brain including brain parenchyma is calculated via a simple processing without an impact on an examinee, such as administration of caffeine. For this purpose, an MRI apparatus of the present invention measures a complex image of nuclear magnetic resonance signals, and calculates from thus measured complex image, a physical property distribution for obtaining a physical property image reflecting the oxygen extraction fraction. Then, thus calculated physical property distribution is separated into tissue-specific physical property distributions for at least two tissues (separated tissue images). After converting any of the separated tissue images into the oxygen extraction fraction, a distribution of the oxygen extraction fraction is estimated based on the condition that a value of any selected pixel is substantially equal to a mean value of pixels surrounding the selected pixel.
16 US2020285625A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020285625A1 Publication Date: 2020-09-10 Application Number: 16/807,228 Filing Date: 2020-03-03 Inventor: Baba, Tsunehiko   Aikoh, Kazuhide   Kashiyama, Toshihiko   Okoshi, Jumpei   Kondo, Nobukazu   Kakui, Kentaro   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06F16/22 Abstract: An analysis management server stores a factory A catalog group including a plurality of catalogs in factory A, an application destination catalog including a plurality of catalogs in factory B, and an application source analysis data correspondence table associating columns between a target table of factory A and a defect factor analysis table. A CPU is configured to: identify an unconnected catalog for which a catalog of factory B having an identical correspondence does not exist among the plurality of catalogs of factory A included in the application source analysis data correspondence table; identify an unconnected correspondence, which is a correspondence of the unconnected catalog in the application source analysis data correspondence table, sensor data of factory B, and an identical path correspondence which is a correspondence of a catalog on a path including the unconnected catalog; and display information of the unconnected correspondence and the identical path correspondence.
17 US2020286214A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020286214A1 Publication Date: 2020-09-10 Application Number: 16/804,054 Filing Date: 2020-02-28 Inventor: Kaneko, Yukio   Ogino, Masahiro   Noguchi, Yoshimi   Bito, Yoshitaka   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06T5/20 Abstract: Image processing using a machine learning model is enabled, thereby accurately reducing noise to improve image quality. A medical image is acquired; and it is evaluated whether noise in the medical image exceeds a predetermined reference value. A noise reducer reduces the noise of the medical image that has been determined to include noise that exceeds the reference value. The noise of the medical image is reduced using a machine learning model constructed by collecting a plurality of learning data sets that include an image with noise as input data and an image without noise as output data. The machine learning model includes a plurality of layers that perform convolution on an image that is input, one layer of which includes a filter layer in which a plurality of linear or nonlinear filters are incorporated, and convolution coefficients of the plurality of linear or nonlinear filters are predetermined.
18 US2020271744A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020271744A1 Publication Date: 2020-08-27 Application Number: 16/798,468 Filing Date: 2020-02-24 Inventor: Yamamoto, Yukari   Shirai, Toru   Takizawa, Masahiro   Nishihara, Takashi   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G01R33/565 Abstract: An object of the present invention is to provide an image corrected for body motion with high accuracy in a short time when performing retrospective body motion correction on an MRI image, and to reduce a time from imaging to image display. A body motion corrector of an MRI apparatus includes: a weighting factor calculator that calculates a three-dimensional weighting factor based on signals received by multi-channel receive coils; a processing space converter that converts three-dimensional frequency space data of a measurement signal and the three-dimensional weighting factor respectively into hybrid space data and a two-dimensional weighting factor; a synthesized signal calculator that calculates a synthesized signal by convolution integration of the hybrid space data and the two-dimensional weighting factor; and a body motion position detector that detects a body motion occurrence position in the hybrid space from the hybrid space data and the synthesized signal.
19 US2020274951A1
Packet Communication System and Method
Publication/Patent Number: US2020274951A1 Publication Date: 2020-08-27 Application Number: 16/564,426 Filing Date: 2019-09-09 Inventor: Ideguchi, Kota   Ando, Eriko   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: H04L29/06 Abstract: A packet according to a secure protocol over a high-speed protocol has a small size header. A reception system estimates a packet number which is used in processing of a packet having a small size header on the basis of information indicating a packet number of a received packet. The header of each of one or more packets among N packets (where N is an integer of two or more) is a small size header, which is either a first header having one part of the packet number of the packet or a second header without the packet number of the packet. When the small size header is the first header, the header of each of the N packets is the first header. When the small size header is the second header, the header of each of the packets other than one packet among the N packets is the second header.
20 US10755187B2
Mood score calculation system
Publication/Patent Number: US10755187B2 Publication Date: 2020-08-25 Application Number: 15/532,434 Filing Date: 2015-06-17 Inventor: Egi, Masashi   Kiguchi, Masashi   Atsumori, Hirokazu   Assignee: HITACHI LTD   IPC: G06N7/00 Abstract: A mood score calculation system includes a processor and a memory. The memory is configured to hold relationship information on a relationship between a mood score of a user and a statistical feature for indicating fluctuation of operational interval time of a user terminal. The processor is configured to acquire an operation log of a first user terminal. The processor is configured to calculate, from the operation log, a value of a statistical feature for indicating fluctuation of operational interval time of the first user terminal. The processor is configured to determine a mood score of a user of the first user terminal based on the value of the statistical feature and the relationship information and output the mood score.