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21 US10663322B2
Distance measuring device and method thereof for seeking distance measuring starting point
Publication/Patent Number: US10663322B2 Publication Date: 2020-05-26 Application Number: 15/038,395 Filing Date: 2014-11-21 Inventor: Tang, Jinju   Assignee: ECOVACS ROBOTICS CO., LTD.   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A distance measuring device comprises a motor (120), a control box (130) and a code disc (150). Relative rotation occurs between the control box (130) and the code disc (150) driven by the motor. A point position tooth (151A) is comprised on the code disc (150). The control box (130) comprises a distance measuring unit (142), a detection part (144) and a control unit (140). The detection part (144) comprises a light emitter (1440) and a light receiver (1441) which are correspondingly arranged. The control box (130) is rotated relative to the code disc (150), so that the point position tooth (151A) passes through a corresponding position between the light emitter (1440) and the light receiver (1441); the control unit (140) receives the signal output of the light receiver (1441), judges the information on alignment status of the point position tooth (151A) with the corresponding position, and sends a start or stop operation instruction to the distance measuring unit (142) on the basis of the status information. A method for seeking a distance measuring starting point is also provided, scan data is obtained by using a synchronous scanning mode of the code disc, and the starting point is judged on the basis of the output waveform of the code disc.
22 US2020200530A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020200530A1 Publication Date: 2020-06-25 Application Number: 16/231,215 Filing Date: 2018-12-21 Inventor: Nyhart, Scott O.   Decastro, John   Assignee: Bushnell Inc.   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A golf laser rangefinder comprises a housing with a pair of opposing side wall portions. One of the side wall portions has a magnetic attraction strip extending diagonally across the side wall portion for attachment to, for example, an upright roof support member of a golf cart. A display on the side wall portion opposite the magnetic attraction strip can provide data display, including real time data, to the driver or passenger of the golf cart when the laser rangefinder is mounted to the support member.
23 US2020041259A1
Distance Measuring Device and Three-Dimensional Shape Measuring Apparatus
Publication/Patent Number: US2020041259A1 Publication Date: 2020-02-06 Application Number: 16/484,844 Filing Date: 2018-05-22 Inventor: Watanabe, Masahiro   Hariyama, Tatsuo   Taniguchi, Atsushi   Maruno, Kenji   Assignee: Hitachi, Ltd.   IPC: G01B11/24 Abstract: An object is to provide a technology capable of realizing miniaturizing of a measurement unit in a distance measuring device. The distance measuring device including a light emitting unit that outputs measurement light, a polarization state control unit that controls polarization of the measurement light output from the light emitting unit, and an optical path switching element that selectively emits the measurement light controlled by the polarization state control unit, in which the polarization state control unit controls the polarization so as to emit the measurement light in a plurality of directions from the optical path switching element, and the optical path switching element receives reflected light with respect to an object of the measurement light emitted from the optical path switching element, the reflected light being used to measure a distance to the object.
24 US2020116482A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020116482A1 Publication Date: 2020-04-16 Application Number: 16/623,116 Filing Date: 2018-03-28 Inventor: Hino, Momoyo   Maehara, Hideaki   Taira, Kenji   Kato, Sumio   Assignee: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: The present invention is provided with: a coordinates calculation unit (161) that, on the basis of data related to distance measurement points (P) indicating the distance to and the angle of a respective plurality of distance measurement points (P) and the coordinates of a laser beam irradiation reference point, and on the basis of the attitude angle of an aircraft (2), calculates coordinates of each of the distance measurement points (P) on a corresponding image among a plurality of images; a feature point extraction unit (162) that extracts feature points for each of the images; a distance calculation unit (163) that calculates, for each of the distance measurement points (P), the distance to a nearby feature point among the feature points extracted by the feature point extraction unit (162) on the basis of the coordinates calculated in the corresponding image by the coordinates calculation unit (161); and a necessity determination unit (166) that deletes unnecessary data from the data related to the distance measurement points (P) on the basis of the calculation result by the distance calculation unit (163).
25 US10802144B2
Method and device of measuring the distance to an object
Publication/Patent Number: US10802144B2 Publication Date: 2020-10-13 Application Number: 15/333,568 Filing Date: 2016-10-25 Inventor: Lee, Han-soo   Kong, Hae-kyung   Kim, Kyung-il   Oh, Min-seok   Kim, Tae-chan   Lim, Moo-sup   Assignee: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A method of measuring the distance to an object by radiating a periodic amplitude-modulated optical signal to the object and detecting the phase difference between the radiated optical signal and a reflected optical signal from the object includes: generating a first photo-detection control signal to control the periodic amplitude-modulation of the radiated optical signal; generating a mask signal activated at least during a shuttering duration for resetting the voltage level at a sensing node; and generating a second photo-detection control signal based on Boolean combination of the first photo-detection signal and the mask signal such that the second photo-detection signal is deactivated or masked at least during the shuttering duration.
26 US10605597B1
Electronic device and method for measuring distance using image thereof
Publication/Patent Number: US10605597B1 Publication Date: 2020-03-31 Application Number: 16/367,190 Filing Date: 2019-03-27 Inventor: Lin, Chia-ching   Assignee: WISTRON CORP.   IPC: G01C3/32 Abstract: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes: an inertial measurement unit, a camera device, and a processor. The inertial-measurement unit is configured to detect a pitch angle of the electronic device. The camera device is configured to focus on a target object to capture an object image. The processor is configured to execute an image-distance-measuring program to perform the following steps: obtaining a lens-focal-length parameter corresponding to the object image from an operating system performed by the electronic device; calculating a plurality of terminal parameters corresponding to the pitch angle according to the lens-focal-length parameter and the pitch angle; converting the terminal parameters to a plurality of linear parameters; and calculating an object distance between the target object and the camera device according to a linear equation of the linear parameters, and the upper focusing distance, and the lower focusing distance.
27 US10557921B2
Active brightness-based strategy for invalidating pixels in time-of-flight depth-sensing
Publication/Patent Number: US10557921B2 Publication Date: 2020-02-11 Application Number: 15/412,485 Filing Date: 2017-01-23 Inventor: Bleyer, Michael   Price, Raymond Kirk   Zhao, Jian   Demandolx, Denis Claude Pierre   Assignee: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A computer-implemented technique is described herein for invalidating pixels in a time-of-flight depth-sensing device based on active brightness (AB) measurements. In one implementation, the technique involves, for each sensing element of a sensor: generating frequency-specific sensor readings in response to receiving instances of radiation having plural frequencies (e.g., frequencies f1, f2, and f3); generating a set of active brightness measurements (ABf1, ABf2, and ABf3) associated with the respective frequencies; generating a variation measure that reflects an extent of variation within the set of active brightness measurements; and invalidating a pixel associated with the particular sensing element if the variation measure satisfies a prescribed invalidation condition.
28 US2020056875A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020056875A1 Publication Date: 2020-02-20 Application Number: 16/661,773 Filing Date: 2019-10-23 Inventor: Ihlenfeldt, Steven Eugene   Ingham, Edward A.   Assignee: Ihlenfeldt, Steven Eugene   Ingham, Edward A.   IPC: G01B5/008 Abstract: A method of performing dimensional metrology of an object (12) includes incorporating an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU-18) with an elongate probe (20) in a portable metroprobe (10). A tip (22) of the probe (20) has an offset length (L) from an origin (26) of a coordinate system in the IMU (18) and position (X,Y,Z) thereof is correlated based on attitude (A,B,C) measurement of the IMU (18). The metroprobe (10) is transported in sequence to a complement of survey points (Pn) on the object (12) for measuring corresponding coordinates (X,Y,Z) thereof based on measured attitude (A,B,C) of the IMU (18).
29 US2020095110A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020095110A1 Publication Date: 2020-03-26 Application Number: 16/473,195 Filing Date: 2017-03-29 Inventor: Pohl, Daniel   Schick, Roman   Gao, Fengqian   Yang, Wenlong   Assignee: Intel Corporation   IPC: B67D1/08 Abstract: Apparatus, method and storage medium associated with a beverage dispensing apparatus are disclosed herein. In embodiments, a beverage dispensing apparatus may include a dispenser to dispense a beverage into a beverage container placed underneath the dispenser; one or more sensors to sense and collect depth data associated with the beverage container; and a controller coupled to the dispenser and the one or more sensors to control the dispenser's dispensation of the beverage, in accordance with a capacity of the beverage container inferred based at least in part on the collected depth data associated with the beverage container. Other embodiments may be disclosed or claimed.
30 US2020064127A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020064127A1 Publication Date: 2020-02-27 Application Number: 16/320,786 Filing Date: 2017-07-13 Inventor: Hinduja, Srichand   Assignee: ELE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED   IPC: G01B17/02 Abstract: A method of (measuring the waif thickness of an article comprising the steps of (a) providing an inspection machine having an inspection machine co-ordinate system associated therewith, the inspection machine comprising a thickness measuring probe; (b) providing an article in a first position relative to the inspection machine; (c) measuring a plurality of surface points on at least a portion of the surface of the article; (d) modelling the at least a portion of the surface of the article from the measured surface points to produce a surface model; (e) generating a probe path from the surface model in an article coordinate system fixed relative to the article; (f) transforming the probe path to the inspection machine co-ordinate system; and, (g) moving the thickness measuring probe along the probe path whilst making a plurality of spaced apart wall thickness measurements of the article.
31 US2020309520A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020309520A1 Publication Date: 2020-10-01 Application Number: 16/954,992 Filing Date: 2018-12-03 Inventor: Nagai, Fumiya   Suto, Satoru   Ajiki, Satoshi   Assignee: MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A distance measurement camera 1 contains a first optical system OS1 for collecting light from a subject 100 to form a first subject image, a second optical system OS2 for collecting the light from the subject 100 to form a second subject image, an imaging part S for imaging the first subject image formed by the first optical system OS1 and the second subject image formed by the second optical system OS2, and a distance calculating unit 4 for calculating the distance to the subject 100 based on the first subject image and the second subject image imaged by the imaging part S. The distance calculating part 4 calculates the distance to the subject 100 based on an image magnification ratio between a magnification of the first subject image and a magnification of the second subject image.
32 CN111033301A
Under Examination
Publication/Patent Number: CN111033301A Publication Date: 2020-04-17 Application Number: 201780094177.4 Filing Date: 2017-08-31 Inventor: 郑国光   洪小平   王铭钰   Assignee: 深圳市大疆创新科技有限公司   IPC: G01S7/481 Abstract: 一种传感器系统可以包括被配置为发射光束的光源。此外,传感器系统包括一个或多个光学元件,该一个或多个光学元件被配置为使发射光束均匀化,该发射光束被引导朝向传感器系统的视场(FOV)。另外,传感器系统包括具有多个光电探测装置的探测器,其中,多个光电探测装置中的每个光电探测装置都被配置为接收从传感器系统的FOV中的一个或多个对象反射回来的光束的光子能量的至少一部分,并基于接收到的光子能量产生至少一个电信号。
33 US10746878B2
Method of measuring distance by using 3D depth sensor including optical shutter
Publication/Patent Number: US10746878B2 Publication Date: 2020-08-18 Application Number: 15/076,947 Filing Date: 2016-03-22 Inventor: Yoon, Heesun   You, Jangwoo   Park, Yonghwa   Assignee: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A method of measuring a distance by using a 3-dimensional (3D) depth sensor is provided. The method may include: measuring m number of frames using light modulated at a first frequency to determine a first tentative distance from a viewpoint to an object at the first frequency, m being a positive integer; measuring n number of frames using light modulated at a second frequency to determine a second tentative distance from the viewpoint to the object at the second frequency, n being a positive integer, a sum of m and n being four; and determining a resulting distance to the object based on the first distance and the second distance.
34 US2020036913A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020036913A1 Publication Date: 2020-01-30 Application Number: 16/591,111 Filing Date: 2019-10-02 Inventor: Asano, Takuya   Nohara, Takuya   Assignee: PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD.   IPC: H04N5/33 Abstract: An imaging apparatus includes: an infrared light source; and a solid-state imaging device. The solid-state imaging device includes: light receivers that convert incident light from the subject to signal charges; a signal storage that stores the signal charges; a signal drain into which the signal charges are discharged; microlenses disposed on the light receivers; and openings through which the incident light enters the light receivers. The solid-state imaging device reads and discharges the signal charges in response to a signal drain voltage being switched between on and off. Each microlens is disposed such that the center of the microlens is displaced toward the center of the pixel array from the center of the corresponding light receiver, as the position of the microlens is closer to the perimeter of the pixel array. The openings have different shapes according to the positions of the openings in the pixel array.
35 EP3696567A1
Publication/Patent Number: EP3696567A1 Publication Date: 2020-08-19 Application Number: 19157560.4 Filing Date: 2019-02-15 Inventor: Prudlow, Wolfram   Kötzing, Michael   Vogel, Michael   Day, Richard   Laabs, Steffen   Natura, Ute   Assignee: Trimble Jena GmbH   IPC: G01S7/48 Abstract: A surveying system, comprises a support 3, 7; a rotating mirror unit 29 including a mounting structure 25, a motor 27 mounted on the mounting structure and having a shaft 31 rotatable about a first axis 33, and a mirror 29 mounted on the shaft 31; a measuring unit 11 including a mounting structure 13 and a light source 15 and optics 17, 18, 19 mounted on the mounting structure 13 for directing a beam 23 of measuring light onto the mirror surface 35; and a window 41 mechanically connecting the mounting structure 13 of the measuring unit 11 and the mounting structure 25 of the rotating mirror unit 29.
36 CN210119209U
Title (English): A Detecting Structure of Outer Diameter in the Cut-off System of Phyllostachys pubescens
Publication/Patent Number: CN210119209U Publication Date: 2020-02-28 Application Number: 201920992418.3 Filing Date: 2019-06-28 Inventor: 施荣兴   Assignee: 安吉前程竹木机械有限公司   湖南省林业科学院   国家林业和草原局北京林业机械研究所   IPC: G01B11/10 Abstract: 本实用新型属于检测结构技术领域,尤其涉及一种毛竹切断系统中的外径检测结构。本实用新型通过在检测平台上设置光源板、安装板、外径测量控制柜和相机,以及第二光源板、第二安装板和夹紧测定单元的方式,达到毛竹外径精准检测的效果。本实用新型具有毛竹输送过程中影像拍摄式以及光敏电阻测距式两种检测结构和方式合理有效,两种检测方式互相补充,以及外径测量控制柜整体控制并处理检测数据进而整体检测结构准确可靠的优点。
37 US202027234A1
Publication/Patent Number: US202027234A1 Publication Date: 2020-01-23 Application Number: 20/171,633 Filing Date: 2017-09-28 Inventor: Kasahara, Hajime   Assignee: KASAHARA, Hajime   IPC: G06T7/70 Abstract: A location information identifying method includes; a step for obtaining the object image 3 photographed by the drive recorder 2; a step for obtaining the first scale plate image 42 obtained when the first scale plate 4 arranged so as to be opposed to the drive recorder 2 at the first distance X apart from the drive recorder 2 is photographed; a step for overlapping the first scale plate image 42 and the object image 3 with each other; a step for measuring the image-height A, which is the distance from the object 5 located at the preset height H1 to the center of the object image 3, appeared on the object image 3, by using the first scale plate image 42; a step for calculating the angle B between the horizontal plane and the straight line joining the drive recorder 2 to the object 5, by using image-height A and the first distance X; and a step for calculating the target distance Y1 from the drive recorder 2 to the object 5, based on the height difference H between the drive recorder 2 and the object 5 and the angle B as well.
38 US10788321B2
Laser measuring device
Publication/Patent Number: US10788321B2 Publication Date: 2020-09-29 Application Number: 15/903,531 Filing Date: 2018-02-23 Inventor: Honea, Phillip   Assignee: Honea, Phillip   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: A laser measuring device for remote distance measuring includes a first housing and a second housing that are pivotally coupled. A power module, a microprocessor, and sensing unit are coupled to and positioned in the first housing. The microprocessor is operationally coupled to the power module and the sensing unit is operationally coupled to the microprocessor. The sensing unit is configured to measure an angle between the first housing and the second housing. A first range finder that is coupled to the first housing is configured to measure a first distance between the first housing and a first point. A second range finder that is coupled to the second housing is configured to measure a second distance between the second housing and a second point. The microprocessor is positioned to calculate a distance between the first point and the second point.
39 US2020278203A1
Publication/Patent Number: US2020278203A1 Publication Date: 2020-09-03 Application Number: 16/646,695 Filing Date: 2018-09-12 Inventor: Montagut, Marc   Philippet, Laurent   Ferrando, Sergi   Quidant, Romain   Assignee: FUNDACIÓ INSTITUT DE CIÈNCIES FOTÒNIQUES   INSTITUCIÓ CATALANA DE RECERCA I ESTUDIS AVANÇATS   IPC: G01C3/32 Abstract: The present invention relates to a method for measuring a distance to a target, comprising: a) supplying an excitation signal to a heating element in thermal contact with a thermo-optical material of a thermo-optical lens to change the focal length of said thermo-optical lens to focus on a target; and b) analysing said supplied excitation signal or a control signal originating the same, to determine, based at least on the magnitude of said analysed signal, a distance between said focused target and one of said thermo-optical lens and an optical element arranged in an optical path going from the target to the thermo-optical lens. A system and a computer program adapted to implement the method of the invention are also provided by the present invention.
40 US10718613B2
Ground-based system for geolocation of perpetrators of aircraft laser strikes
Publication/Patent Number: US10718613B2 Publication Date: 2020-07-21 Application Number: 15/392,091 Filing Date: 2016-12-28 Inventor: Fang, Julia A.   Saar, Brian   Reynolds, Tom   Kuchar, James K.   Westhoff, Richard Charles   Tomlinson, Erin   Assignee: Massachusetts Institute of Technology   IPC: G01C3/08 Abstract: Laser light source geolocation. The system includes two spaced-apart ground based sensors for receiving light from a laser source that has been off-axis scattered by air molecules and particulates to form scattered light imagery. A processor operates on the imagery from the two sensors to geolocate the laser light source on the ground.