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Publication/Patent Number: CN107851670B Publication Date: 2021-01-01 Application Number: 201680035912.X Filing Date: 2016-04-06 Inventor: 理查德·r·伦特   约翰·斯托达德-邦松   克里斯托弗·特拉弗斯   玛格丽特·扬   Assignee: 密歇根州立大学董事会   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: 本发明公开了一种包括衬底,第一电极,包括有选择地或主要收获来自太阳光谱的近红外或红外区域的光的有机盐或盐混合物的有源层的光活性器件和第二电极。这些器件是可见透明的或可见不透明的,并且可以用于单或多结点器件中。
Publication/Patent Number: CN212783440U Publication Date: 2021-03-23 Application Number: 202021537692.0 Filing Date: 2020-07-29 Inventor: 陈锦洲   郭彩霞   Assignee: 东莞艾笛森光电有限公司   IPC: H01L23/495 Abstract: 本实用新型公开了一种导线架及具有该导线架的光电转换器,导线架包括:固IC部,用于进行IC芯片的贴装;VCC脚,所述VCC脚与所述固IC部相连;VOUT脚,设置在所述固IC部的一侧;GND脚,设置在所述VCC脚与所述VOUT脚之间,所述GND脚的上部两端设置有所述固IC部延伸的GND接线部。根据本实用新型的导线架,GND连接位置上移,远离胶体的底部,减少在焊接时的受热影响,从而避免了导线因高温容易断裂。
Publication/Patent Number: EP3155668B1 Publication Date: 2021-02-17 Application Number: 15809296.5 Filing Date: 2015-05-28 Inventor: Sarusi, Gabby   Golan, Yuval   Assignee: B.G. Negev Technologies & Applications Ltd., at Ben-Gurion University   IPC: H01L31/00
Publication/Patent Number: CN212907753U Publication Date: 2021-04-06 Application Number: 202021613619.7 Filing Date: 2020-08-06 Inventor: 林强   Assignee: 宁波鑫瓷电子科技有限公司   IPC: H01L31/0203 Abstract: 本实用新型公开了一种光器件封装结构和电子元件,涉及光通信技术领域,用于解决现有封装结构极大地限制信号传输效率且密封性差的问题,该光器件封装结构具体包括电路板、管座以及管帽,管座用于封闭管帽的开口,并与管帽形成一用于放置光器件的容纳腔;电路板用于电连接光器件,电路板的一侧穿过管座并进入容纳腔内。本封装结构采用电路板实现外接电路与光器件的连接,从而减小对信号传输速率的限制;采用管座与管帽的结合以得到一容纳光器件的容纳腔,从而减小了需要密封的节点,以提高整体的密封性。
Solid-state image pickup element and manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device
Publication/Patent Number: US10964754B2 Publication Date: 2021-03-30 Application Number: 16/462,683 Filing Date: 2017-11-17 Inventor: Joei, Masahiro   Murata, Kenichi   Assignee: SONY SEMICONDUCTOR SOLUTIONS CORPORATION   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: The present disclosure relates to a solid-state image pickup element in order to enable inhibition of a variation in the photoelectric conversion characteristic of an organic photoelectric conversion film due to atmospheric exposure and a manufacturing method of the solid-state image pickup element, and an electronic device. The solid-state image pickup element includes: a photoelectric conversion film formed above a semiconductor substrate; and a sidewall sealing a side face of the photoelectric conversion film. The sidewall includes a re-deposited film of a film directly under the sidewall. The present disclosure is applicable to, for example, a CMOS image sensor or the like.
Photoelectric conversion element
Publication/Patent Number: US10923606B2 Publication Date: 2021-02-16 Application Number: 16/344,924 Filing Date: 2017-10-11 Inventor: Fukuda, Masanori   Assignee: KANEKA CORPORATION   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: A photoelectric conversion element includes a plurality of finger electrodes, which extend in a first direction, and are aligned with a first interval in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, and an identification mark arranged so that a second interval, which is greater than the first interval, separates the identification mark from the plurality of finger electrodes in the second direction.
Flexible solar panel
Publication/Patent Number: US10886073B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-05 Application Number: 15/098,242 Filing Date: 2016-04-13 Inventor: Awad, Manal Ahmed Gasmelseed   Hendi, Awatif Ahmed   Ortashi, Khalid Mustafa Osman   Assignee: KING SAUD UNIVERSITY   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: The flexible solar panel includes a polymer matrix and a plant extract incorporated in the polymer matrix. The plant extract can be an extract of chard (B. vulgaris subsp. cicla) including an organic dye. The plant extract can include chloroplasts. The polymer matrix may be formed from either poly(vinyl alcohol) or polystyrene. The flexible solar panel can be green.
Image intensifier for night vision device
Publication/Patent Number: US10886095B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-05 Application Number: 16/068,402 Filing Date: 2017-01-06 Inventor: Nützel, Gert Otto   Assignee: PHOTONIS NETHERLANDS B.V.   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: An image intensifier is provided in which a thin film (090) is arranged between an output surface of the electron multiplier (040) and the phosphorous screen. The thin film is a semi-conductor or insulator with a crystalline structure comprising a band gap equal or larger than 1 eV, wherein the crystalline structure has a carrier diffusion length equal or larger than 50% of the thickness of the thin film. In addition, the thin film has an anode directed surface which has a negative electron affinity. By way of provisioning a thin film of the above type in the image intensifier, an improvement in mean transfer function of the overall image intensifier is obtained.
Publication/Patent Number: CN108495951B Publication Date: 2021-02-26 Application Number: 201780007985.2 Filing Date: 2017-01-17 Inventor: J·g·泰特   K·加德纳   R·格尔哈尔   裘伟明   T·默克斯   Assignee: IMEC 非营利协会   鲁汶天主教大学   IPC: C23C18/12 Abstract: 本发明涉及一种组合物,其包含溶解于溶剂混合物的一种或多种钙钛矿前体,所述溶剂混合物包含:i)一种或多种极性非质子溶剂,它们各自经选择,从而在其它组分不存在时使用的情况下,使所述一种或多种钙钛矿前体溶解,ii)通式CHOH的一种或多种直链醇,其中n是1‑12,和iii)任选的,一种或多种酸,其中,所述极性非质子溶剂或极性非质子溶剂的混合物占该溶剂混合物的50‑95体积%,其中,不被极性非质子溶剂占据的该溶剂混合物的体积%被一种或多种直链醇和一种或多种酸(若存在)占据至少90体积%,优选100体积%。
Visibly transparent, ultraviolet-absorbing photovoltaic devices
Publication/Patent Number: US10903438B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-26 Application Number: 16/010,342 Filing Date: 2018-06-15 Inventor: Barr, Miles   Pandey, Richa   Jurow, Matthew   He, Bo   Assignee: UBIQUITOUS ENERGY, INC.   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: Materials, methods and system for transparent photovoltaic devices are disclosed, such as those are transparent to visible light but absorb near-infrared light and/or ultraviolet light. The photovoltaic devices make use of transparent electrodes and visibly transparent UV acceptor molecules and structurally related visibly transparent photoactive compounds, which may be useful as photoactive materials, optical materials, and/or buffer materials.
Multi-spectral sensor with stacked photodetectors
Publication/Patent Number: US10886322B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-05 Application Number: 16/470,515 Filing Date: 2017-12-18 Inventor: Ben, Chouikha Mohamed   Dubois, Gérard   Assignee: SORBONNE UNIVERSITÉ   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: A multi-spectral photodetector is provided, comprising: a plurality of N photodetectors where N is an integer such that N≥2, each photodetector comprising an anode and a cathode separated from one another by a region of interest, all produced in a semiconductor material; at least one electrical contact for all of the N anodes; and an electrical contact associated with each of the N cathodes; said photodetectors being stacked on top of one another such that the anodes and the cathodes and finally the regions of interest of two consecutive photodetectors in the stack are arranged face to face, this stack making it possible to define a face, termed the active face of the multi-spectral photodetector, common to all the photodetectors of the stack, defined by the face of the first region of interest of the first photodetector of the stack via which photons are intended to enter the stack.
Publication/Patent Number: EP3778239A1 Publication Date: 2021-02-17 Application Number: 20190410.9 Filing Date: 2020-08-11 Inventor: Tepner, Sebastian   Pospischil, Maximilian   BreitenbÜcher, Marian   Lacmago, Igor   Kuchler, Martin   Klawitter, Markus   Klemens, Marcel   Riebe, Tim   Assignee: FRAUNHOFER-GESELLSCHAFT zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.   IPC: B41J2/005 Abstract: Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung zum Parallelextrudieren von Druckmedium auf ein Substrat, insbesondere zur Herstellung paralleler Leiterbahnen, mit einem Druckkopf mit einen Druckmediumeingang für das Druckmedium, welcher fluidleitend mit einer Mehrzahl von Ausgabeöffnungen des Druckkopfes verbunden ist, zur gleichzeitigen Ausgabe von Druckmedium aus den Ausgabeöffnungen in mehreren parallelen Druckmediumsträngen. Die Erfindung ist dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Druckvorrichtung ein Elektrodenelement, ein Gegenelektrodenelement und eine Spannungsquelle aufweist, wobei die Spannungsquelle mit Elektrodenelement und Gegenelektrodenelement zusammenwirkend ausgebildet ist, um zwischen Elektrodenelement und Gegenelektrodenelement eine elektrische Potentialdifferenz und damit verbundene elektrostatische Feld zu erzeugen und dass das Elektrodenelement derart angeordnet und ausgebildet ist, um zu dem Druckmedium elektrische Ladung zu- oder abzuführen, so dass die Druckmediumstränge mit elektrischer Ladung gleicher Polarität aufladbar sind und dass die Vorrichtung derart ausgebildet ist, dass das Substrat zwischen Druckkopf und Gegenelektrodenelement anordenbar ist.
Publication/Patent Number: EP3799245A1 Publication Date: 2021-03-31 Application Number: 20192852.0 Filing Date: 2014-07-02 Inventor: Sridhara, Shankar Gauri   Diesta, Noel G.   Rostan, Philipp Johannes   Wade, Robert   Assignee: REC Solar Pte. Ltd.   IPC: H02J3/38 Abstract: A solar cell assembly (200) is presented. The solar cell assembly includes one or more solar cell units (21 1) coupled in series. The solar cell unit includes a first solar cell series (221) and a second solar cell series (222) connected in parallel. The first and second solar cell series include a plurality of solar cells (202) connecting in series respectively. The solar cell assembly also includes a by-pass diode (201) coupled to each solar cell unit and shared between the first and second solar cell series in each solar cell unit.
Electronic device having large dynamic range for image sensing
Publication/Patent Number: US10893225B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-12 Application Number: 16/429,082 Filing Date: 2019-06-03 Inventor: Shibata, Junya   Assignee: InnoLux Corporation   IPC: H01J40/14 Abstract: An electronic device includes a first sensing module and a first threshold voltage generation module. The first sensing module includes a first sensing transistor having a first gate, a second gate and a semiconductor layer. The semiconductor layer of the first sensing transistor is disposed between the first gate and the second gate of the first sensing transistor. The first gate of the first sensing transistor is coupled to a top gate line. The first threshold voltage generation module includes a node coupled to the second gate of the first sensing transistor, and is used to provide a first threshold voltage in a dark state to the node of the first threshold voltage generation module.
Composition for forming electrode, electrode manufactured using the same and solar cell
Publication/Patent Number: US10898952B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-26 Application Number: 16/202,649 Filing Date: 2018-11-28 Inventor: Moon, Sungil   Ha, Kyoungjin   Lee, Hansong   Assignee: Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.   IPC: H01B1/22 Abstract: A composition for forming an electrode includes a conductive powder, a glass frit, an organic binder, and a solvent. The organic binder includes a polymer including a structural unit represented by Chemical Formula 1 and a structural unit represented by Chemical Formula 2. In Chemical Formulae 1 and 2, each substituent of Chemical Formulae 1 and 2 is the same as in the detailed description.
Methods for rapid electron area masking (REAM) lithography
Publication/Patent Number: US10896805B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-19 Application Number: 16/374,652 Filing Date: 2019-04-03 Inventor: Leach, Gary William   Macnab, Finlay Charles Henry   Assignee: Leach, Gary William   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: A method for electron beam lithography. The method may comprise fabricating a multi-layer mask and interposing the multi-layer mask between an electron beam and an energy-sensitive layer to thereby expose the energy-sensitive layer to the electron beam through the mask. Fabricating the multi-layer mask may comprises providing a first mask layer fabricated from a first mask material (e.g. silicon nitride) which defines one or more feature apertures corresponding to features of interest and coating an electron-energy-reducing material (e.g. gold) onto the first mask layer to thereby provide a second mask layer.
Publication/Patent Number: EP3759742A1 Publication Date: 2021-01-06 Application Number: 19775519.2 Filing Date: 2019-03-29 Inventor: Tsang, Koon-wing   Lin, Yuh-min   Assignee: Vishay Intertechnology Inc.   IPC: H01L31/00
Publication/Patent Number: EP3405983B1 Publication Date: 2021-03-10 Application Number: 17741742.5 Filing Date: 2017-01-19 Inventor: Senn, Tobias   Boucart, Julien   WestenhÖfer, Susanne   Assignee: Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.   IPC: H01L33/00
Conductive paste for solar cell, solar cell and manufacturing method thereof, and solar cell module
Publication/Patent Number: US10923608B2 Publication Date: 2021-02-16 Application Number: 15/940,976 Filing Date: 2018-03-30 Inventor: Yeh, Chih-hsien   Hsin, Pi-yu   Cheng, Chung-chieh   Yang, Yu-shuo   Assignee: GIGA SOLAR MATERIALS CORP.   IPC: H01L31/00 Abstract: A conductive paste for a solar cell, a solar cell and a manufacturing method thereof, and a solar cell module are provided. The conductive paste for a solar cell includes a silver powder, a glass, an organic vehicle, and a tellurium alloy compound, wherein the tellurium alloy compound has a melting point at least 300° C. higher than the softening point of the glass.
Conductive paste composition and solar cell using the conductive paste composition
Publication/Patent Number: US10883002B2 Publication Date: 2021-01-05 Application Number: 16/227,057 Filing Date: 2018-12-20 Inventor: Huang, Ying-hua   Chang, Hung-ing   Pai, Yu-ching   Assignee: PANCOLOUR INK CO., LTD.   IPC: H01B1/22 Abstract: A conductive paste composition, including aluminum powder; an organic carrier including an organic solvent and resin or cellulose; and phenoxy alkyl alcohol accounting for 2˜10% of weight of the conductive paste composition. The conductive paste composition includes the phenoxy alkyl alcohol, and thus resultant conductive paste not only has enhanced surface tension, but also has an increased difference in surface tension between the resultant conductive paste and a cell to therefore alter wetting behavior between the paste and a silicon wafer, to reduce the broadening behavior of the wiring lines printed, increase the aspect ratio of printing wiring, increase the light-receiving area of the solar cells, and enhance the photovoltaic conversion efficiency of the solar cells (especially local back surface field solar cells and PERC bifacial cells).
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