4.4 A Few Tips

Here are some tips on patent searching, based on years of experience:

Know your art
The art itself often gives you a pretty good idea on which kind of search(s) to use. It is more often than not that searchers use multiple search types, such as keyword, IPC, syntax, etc., combined with filters to find relevant art.

Start with broader searches
It often pays to start broad, then narrow down carefully using dates, IPCs, assignees, etc. This way, it would be less likely to miss relevant documents.

Pay attention to Non-Patent Literatures (NPLs)
Many NPL databases such as IEEE Xplore and Google Scholar are good places to find relevant art.

Keep the inventive concept in mind at all times
Always keep in mind what is the focus to search. It helps to write in down on a piece of paper when searching. It is easy to get distracted when thousands of documents show up in the search result.

Citations might provide good documents
Pay attention to art that are cited by patent offices, which often provide execelleant documents. 

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