1.3 Bibliographic Data

1.1.1         Dates   Filing Date

Date when an inventor files a patent application in a patent office.   Priority Date

Date of filing a patent application or a PCT application, part or all of its subject matter might have been filed in one or more “priority documents” in another country or a few other countries. The earliest filing date of these priority documents, normally within 12 months of the filing date of the present application, is called the priority date of the application.

Priority date is very important in the sense that a patent office can only search documents published before the priority date (“prior art”) to question the novelty or non-obviousness of the present application.   Publication Date

Date that a patent or PCT application is open to public. This is normally done electronically.   Publication Date

Date that the patent is granted and take in effect.



1.1.2         Examination related data

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