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4.1 How a search is conducted

There are many ways to search for relevant patent documents. Depending on the purposes of the search and the technical fields of the subject matter, a plurality of searches may be performed.

* Keyword search
This is the most popular search methods used. Based on the search tool's syntax, you can input one or multiple keywords, such as "smart phone antenna" or "autonomous car", in a search box. Keyword searches are effective if the searcher understand the subject well and can varies the search terms to match the inventive concepts.

* Classification search
For certain technologies, the technical field is narrow and the number of patent documents are not very big. It would then be possible to just use classification codes such as IPC or CPC codes to search for documents. It is more common that Classification search is combined with keyword search to produce more accurate results.

* Syntax search
For experience users, syntax searches provide the most freedom and possibilities for a complex search. Many popular search tools, such as Google Patents,, PatentGuru, have comprehensive patent search syntax, which provide users with all kinds of possibilities to define how a search may be performed.

* GUI-based advanced search
Powerful tools such as PatentGuru provide users with an easy-to-use graphic user interface to directly set search parameters in an intuitive way without thinking about any syntax. After the GUI is configured and search is conducted, it would normally possible to save the GUI configurations in a search scipts. 

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