Extensive Coverage

PatentGuru database covers patent documents from all patent authoritatives globally, with full text and PDF documents for major IP countries, like US and EP. All individual patent documents also provide links to USPTO, EPO and Global Dossier for easy reference.

Harmonized Data

All search results are grouped and can be filtered by different fields for easy browsing and in-depth search. Citation data (backward and forward), family data and legal data associated with a document are also well presented for viewing.

Corporate Tree

Patent assignees are organized and grouped with corporate tree structure to correct naming ambiguity (typos, name changes, regional offices or different subsidiaries). Strategically placed in assignee filter sections in search filters, you can easily see how patent owners are organized by corporate tree hierarchy.

Extensive Search Capability

From simple search, advanced search, syntax search, IPC search, to search within and filter capabilities, PatentGuru provides you ways to find the right documents you want faster. You can also view results as list, thumbnails or multi-drawings.

Track & Monitor

Receive updates of new patent documents of any topic keywords, assignees or inventors you are interested in as we update the data at least weekly with over 100,000 patents and applications published each week. You can customize your automatic alert format and frequencies, and view archived histories as well.