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  • 1 Billion+

    Patent Documents

    Global, Daily Update

  • 5 Million+

    Patent Technologies

    Broad, Wide Coverage

  • 300+

    Data Dimensions

    In-depth Analysis

  • 400k+

    Weekly AI Update

    Smart Deep Leaning

PatentGuru - Monitor Patent Technologies using AI & NPL

In-depth analyze 300+ dimensional patent data

Study and update 400k+ patent documents weekly

  • Patent Technology Monitoring

    In-depth Search Technology

    Broad Keywords Search

    Discover Technology Trend

    Know From Unknown

  • Innovation Profiling

    In-depth Business Analysis

    Track Business Technology

    Monitor Market Players

    Discover Partners

  • Timely Alerts

    Monitor Technology/Business

    Generate Reports

    Push Notifications

    Customizable, Multi-platform

  • In-depth Technology Tracking

    In-depth Big Data Search

    In-depth Smart Analysis

    In-depth Data Visualization

    In-depth Alert & Monitor

In-depth Patent Technology Monitoring Platform

Technology Foundation: Big Data, Cloud Computation, AI, NLP Data Advantage: Global, Timely, Accurate, Patent-focused Product Focus: Patent Technology, Market Opportunity

Big Data, Smart Analysis

Based on machine learning from over 1 billion patent documents, and weekly 400K addition, PatentGuru Pro analyzes patent title, description, claims, figures, IPCs, inventors and over 300+ data dimension.

In-depth Technology Monitoring

PatentGuru patent-pending technology applies NLP and other machine learning technologies to track over 5 million technologies. Smart and deep learning helps PatentGuru system to understand those technology relationships and development.

User-friendly Visualization

Periodically, PatentGuru Pro presents the most relevant and valuable monitoring data to the users to help them find technology development trend.

In-depth Learning System

PatentGuru Pro is based on core PatentGuru system with its in-depth search, analysis and alert capabilities.


Over 15+ industries and 30 thousand business are using PatentGuru

  • Libraries
    Patent Search
    Patent Analysis
  • Government Agencies
    Government Agencies
    Development Plan
    Technology Monitor
    Business Services
  • Research Institution
    Research Institution
    IP Transfer
    Patent Search
    Patent Analysis
    Patent Monitor
  • Law Firm
    Law Firm
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    Student Classes
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Data Applications

PatentGuru's flagship platform isn't the only way to access our comprehensive data. All data available on PatentGuru Pro can be accessed through our API products and partner solutions, allowing you to seamlessly integrate our data into your existing workflows and solutions.

  • Big Data on Big Screen - Display, Monitor
    For Business
    For Meetings
    For Investors
    For Partners
    For Reports
  • Data API - Open Platform
    Comprehensive Data
    Timely Update
    Easy Integration
    Private Domain
  • Partner Solutions
    Private Deployment
    Third-party Solutions
    Pre-built Integration
    A Developer-free Route
    Flexible, Customizable

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