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The Japan Patent Office (JPO)
The Japan Patent Office is engaged in the following activities to meet user needs. The industrial property rights system—the collective name for the patent, utility model, design and trademark systems—is designed to protect intellectual creations, such as inventions, designs and trademarks, to ensure their effective use, and to contribute to industrial development. The system, administered by the JPO, has become increasingly important for Japan in its quest to promote the progress of industrial technology and improve its people’s lives in the 21st century. As an agency made up of the General Affairs Department, the Trademark, Design and Administrative Affairs Department, the First to Fourth Patent Examination Departments, and the Appeals Department, the JPO is active in its efforts to boost Japanese industry, including: 1) appropriate granting of industrial property rights, 2) drafting of industrial property-related measures, 3) promotion of international harmonization and assistance to developing nations, 4) reviews of the industrial property rights system, 5) implementation of support measures designed for SMEs and universities, and 6) improvement in industrial property-related information services.

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