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Liquid crystal device and electronic equipment
Publication/Patent Number: US6346932B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 08/952,018 Filing Date: 1997-11-14 Inventor: Maeda, Tsuyoshi   Assignee: Seiko Epson Corporation   IPC: G09G336 Abstract: A liquid crystal device has a structure in which an electric field is applied across a liquid crystal in a direction substantially parallel to the plane of a substrate. A conductive film is formed on a first substrate on which an electric field control is provided, and also on a color filter substrate located opposite the first substrate, and the conductive films are maintained at either a ground voltage, a common electrode voltage, the center voltage of an image signal, a non-selection voltage of a scanning signal, or a logic voltage of an external driver or otherwise the voltage of the conductive films is maintained in a floating state. The liquid crystal device having the above structure displays a high-quality image without encountering an influence of electrostatic charges.
MPEG-decoder and MPEG decoding method with two memory controllers
Publication/Patent Number: US6346947B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/222,792 Filing Date: 1998-12-30 Inventor: Kang, Hoai Sig   Koh, Dong Bum   Assignee: Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.   IPC: G09G539 Abstract: An MPEG decoder and an MPEG decoding method with two memory controllers is capable of separately controlling compressed data and decoded data. An MPEG decoder decodes a compressed input data formatted in an MPEG type. The MPEG decoder comprises a compressed data memory controller and a decoded data memory controller. The compressed data memory controller is coupled to a compressed data memory and controls the compressed data. The decoded data memory controller is coupled to a decoded data memory, and controls the decoded data. Since the compressed data flow and the decoded data flow are divided, the memory transfer rate is increased, and also the memory control is simple. In addition, the compressed data are able to be stored within the MPEG decoder. Therefore, the high-performance of the MPEG decoder and the high quality of the image are possible.
Image forming apparatus and method for image formation
Publication/Patent Number: US6346959B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 08/742,826 Filing Date: 1996-10-31 Inventor: Uchiyama, Koichi   Inamine, Noboru   Assignee: Riso Kagaku Corporation   IPC: B41J3516 Abstract: An image forming apparatus is used for forming a print image on a color image forming sheet on which a plurality of units is formed in a regular pattern. Each unit is formed of plural color areas for showing one color portion. The image forming apparatus includes a storing device for storing image plotting data showing color-plotted images; a control device for translating the image plotting data into print image data including plural groups of digits corresponding to the color areas in one unit; a detecting device for detecting a position of the color image forming sheet on the image forming apparatus and outputting a detection signal upon detection of the position; and a recording device for selectively covering the plural color areas on the color image forming sheet according to the print image data and the detection signal from the detecting means. Thus, the color-plotted image is produced on the color image forming sheet.
Method and apparatus for testing disk drive read/write heads by oscillating a recordable medium
Publication/Patent Number: US6346809B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/390,872 Filing Date: 1999-09-07 Inventor: Karam, Ii Raymond M.   Assignee: Karam, Ii Raymond M.   IPC: G01R3312 Abstract: A method comprises manufacturing a read/write head for a disk drive; then testing the read/write head; and then mounting the read/write head to a suspension only after the testing step indicates that the read/write head is not defective. The testing may be performed by writing information to and reading information from a non-disc shaped media paddle that is caused to move back and forth with respect to the read/write head in oscillatory fashion.
Conditioner circuit for magnetic field sensor
Publication/Patent Number: US6346812B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/423,888 Filing Date: 1999-11-12 Inventor: May, Lutz Axel   Brokaw, Adrian Paul   Assignee: Fast Technology AG   IPC: G01R3304 Abstract: A circuit for sensing a magnetic field has at least one saturable coil (L1). The circuit includes switches (S1, S2) controlled by a comparator (12) to drive the coil (L1) to saturation by alternating polarities of current. In the absence of an external magnetic field the currents are balanced. An applied external magnetic field causes an unbalance in the coil (L1) in reaching saturation. An unbalance current is applied through a sensing resistor (R2) to an integrator (20) to develop an output voltage (Vo) as a measure of the applied magnetic field. The switches (S1, S2) are implemented by transistor switches. Dual (FIG. 1) and single (FIG. 2) supply rail circuits are disclosed. The circuit finds particular application in torque transducers using magnetoelastic elements.
Dedicated function fabric for use in field programmable gate arrays
Publication/Patent Number: US6346824B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/627,247 Filing Date: 2000-07-27 Inventor: New, Bernard J.   Assignee: Xilinx, Inc.   IPC: G06F738 Abstract: A programmable logic device, such as a field programmable gate array (FPGA) which includes an array of configurable logic elements (CLEs) and a corresponding array of dedicated function blocks. The CLEs can be operated as conventional configurable logic elements, completely disconnected from the array of function blocks. However, selected CLEs can also be coupled to selected function blocks, thereby creating a relatively high density circuit to implement the dedicated function. The function blocks can be selectively coupled to one another, such that the function blocks are connected to form a relatively large circuit. The desired input signals are routed into the function blocks from associated CLEs. Similarly, the resulting output signals are routed from the function blocks to associated CLEs. In this manner, the FPGA is capable of implementing a relatively large circuit having the dedicated function in an efficient manner.
Method and apparatus for pulsed clock tri-state control
Publication/Patent Number: US6346828B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/607,291 Filing Date: 2000-06-30 Inventor: Rosen, Eitan   Fletcher, Thomas D.   Assignee: Intel Corporation   IPC: H03K1900 Abstract: A pulsed clock tri-state controller uses pulsed clock logic to control a tri-state bus driver. A clock shaper generates a pulsed clock bar signal. The pulsed clock tri-state controller utilizes the pulsed clock bar signal to sample a data input signal and an enable input signal into latches to generate a data signal and an enable signal for a tri-state bus driver. Receivers on the tri-state bus, such as latches or registers, are clocked using a locally generated pulsed clock bar signal from a local clock shaper. The pulsed clock tri-state controller, tri-state bus drivers, and the pulsed receivers provide an efficient method for transferring data over a tri-state bus.
Strap assembly
Publication/Patent Number: US6345747B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/435,228 Filing Date: 1999-11-05 Inventor: Ogata, Hiroki   Ootori, Yasuhiro   Assignee: Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.   IPC: A45F314 Abstract: In a strap assembly for carrying a portable device, in order to protect a user against the action of an unexpected sudden external force, a cord for installing the strap assembly to the portable device is passed through an installation hole of a coupling from the inside such that a knot of a strap is supported by the rim of the installation hole. Coupling holes in both ends of the strap hung from the body of the user are fitted over support posts formed on the inner bases of first and second coupling members. Tapered surfaces are formed on portions of the cylindrical side surfaces of support posts. When the first and second coupling members are closed together with their rims superposed, protrusions of one member engage recesses of another coupling member. If a tension load in excess of a given level is applied to the portable device, a reactive force from the strap acts upon the tapered surfaces, resulting in force components that release the engaged state of these protrusions and recesses. This causes the first and second coupling members to spread open, thus separating the strap therefrom.
Vertical belt storage system
Publication/Patent Number: US6345753B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/647,774 Filing Date: 2000-01-02 Inventor: De, Kock Peter   Sohl, Ralf-hartmut   Diekmann, Christoph   Bachmann, Uwe   Assignee: SMS Schloemann-Siemag Aktiengesellschaft   IPC: B65H2030 Abstract: A vertical strip storage system has a support structure and a storage car connected to the support structure by cables in the fashion of a pulley block so as to be lifted and lowered relative to the support structure. The storage car is provided with a counterweight and with deflection pulleys which deflect and guide an incoming and/or outgoing strip in cooperation with stationary deflection pulleys on the ground. The support structure is a free-standing column without lateral supports and the storage car is a salient vehicle running on the outer surface of the column, wherein the column has an interior and the counterweight is guided in the interior of the column.
Automatic vending machine
Publication/Patent Number: US6345762B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/667,593 Filing Date: 2000-09-22 Inventor: Mori, Hisanao   Assignee: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.   IPC: G06F708 Abstract: An automatic vending machine is formed of a commodity-selecting device for selecting a commodity to be purchased, a device for paying money required to purchase the commodity, a commodity-transfer device for transferring the selected commodity, and a main control section. The machine further includes one antenna section for communication by electric wave, a device for activating a non-contact IC card, a device for activating a mode showing the balance of the card, and a balance display in order to allow commodities to be purchased by using the non-contact IC card. Thus, in the automatic vending machine, a user can select the commodity and then settle the account simply by holding the non-contact IC card to one section of the automatic vending machine just once.
Tape cassette with pivoting lid lock within front lid
Publication/Patent Number: US6345778B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/576,427 Filing Date: 2000-05-22 Inventor: Ota, Shuichi   Assignee: Sony Corporation   IPC: G11B2304 Abstract: In a tape cassette including a cassette shell in which a tape reel having a tape-shaped recording medium wound therearound is accommodated, and a front lid which serves to cover the front surface side of the tape-shaped recording medium exposed to the front face of the cassette shell and is provided to the cassette shell so as to be movable between a lid-closed position at which it covers the front surface side of the tape-shaped recording medium and a lid open position at which the front surface side of the tape-shaped recording medium is opened, the front lid comprises a main portion for covering the front surface side of the tape-shaped recording medium and a side surface portion projecting backward from the side edge of the main portion, and a lid lock member for locking the front lid at the lid-closed position is provided to the inner surface of the side surface portion of the front lid so as to be rotatable inside the side surface portion of the front lid.
Method and apparatus for propulsion
Publication/Patent Number: US6345789B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/594,451 Filing Date: 2000-06-15 Inventor: Rasmusson, James K.   Assignee: Rasmusson, James K.   IPC: B64G140 Abstract: A method and apparatus is disclosed for providing a propulsive force to a dynamic body without having to interact with an external mass. The technique is based on an internal exchange of kinetic energy working in concert with the influence of an ancillary force such as gravity to produce a net momentum change in the body. In one embodiment a body may be rotated through space without having to expel propellant or otherwise resort to an interaction with an external mass. In another embodiment, the invention can be used to dampen a swaying motion or vibration of a body such as a tall, earth-bound tower or a beam in a space station when there is no convenient external mass to which the body may be anchored.
Multi-stage compressor in a turbocharger and method of configuring same
Publication/Patent Number: US6345503B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/666,633 Filing Date: 2000-09-21 Inventor: Gladden, John R.   Assignee: Caterpillar Inc.   IPC: F02B3344 Abstract: A method of configuring a compressor in a turbocharger for use in an internal combustion engine is provided with the steps of: providing a multi-stage compressor including a first compressor wheel carried by a shaft, an axially extending first inlet and a radially extending first outlet associated with the first compressor wheel, a second compressor wheel carried by the shaft, an axially extending second inlet and a radially extending second outlet associated with the second compressor wheel; fluidly interconnecting in series the first outlet with the second inlet using an interstage duct; selecting a total pressure ratio to be provided by the multi-stage compressor; ascertaining a first pressure ratio provided by the first compressor wheel at an operating speed; sizing the second compressor wheel to provide a second pressure ratio, dependent upon the total pressure ratio and the first pressure ratio; determining a stress on the second compressor wheel at the operating speed; determining a temperature within the interstage duct at the operating speed; and selecting a material from which the second compressor wheel is constructed, dependent upon each of the stress determining step and the temperature determining step.
Refrigeration of a food transport vehicle utilizing liquid nitrogen
Publication/Patent Number: US6345509B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/488,705 Filing Date: 2000-01-21 Inventor: Garlov, Roland   Saveliev, Vladymyr   Gavrylov, Konstantin   Golovin, Leonid   Pedolsky, Howard   Assignee: Ukram Industries   IPC: F25D2500 Abstract: The atmosphere of a refrigeration space of a food transport vehicle is controlled by cooling the interior space to a preselected temperature by spraying liquid nitrogen within the space. After discontinuing the spraying, liquid nitrogen is conducted through a heat exchanger which extends across a portal communicating the space with ambient air. A ventilator forces air through the portal and the heat exchanger and into the space, whereby the ambient air is cooled and displaces gaseous nitrogen from the space. This creates a cold breathable atmosphere within the space to enable food to be loaded or unloaded. During the loading/unloading operation, liquid nitrogen can be conducted through an evaporator disposed in the space to maintain the temperature in the space.
Take out mechanism with preheat cycle for I.S. machine
Publication/Patent Number: US6345518B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/460,583 Filing Date: 1999-12-14 Inventor: Pinkerton, Steven J.   Assignee: Emhart Glass S.A.   IPC: C03B941 Abstract: A control is disclosed for a section of an I.S. machine which produces vertically standing bottles having a finish portion at the top thereof, with two vertically separated gripable finish portions. The section has a takeout displaceable between advanced and retracted positions, tongs carried by the takeout which can be closed, and an opposed pair of blow molds which can be displaced from a closed position to an open position. A takeout control controls the advancement of the takeout to either a first “in” position for gripping one of the gripable finish portions or a second vertically lower “in” position for gripping the other gripable finish portion and for retracting the takeout from either the first or second “in” position to a selected “out” position. A tongs control controls the closing of the tongs and a blow mold control controls the displacement of the blow mold pair to an open position. The control can operate in a preheat blow mold cycle for first operating the takeout control to advance the takeout to the first “in” position, second operating the tongs control to close the tongs, third operating the blow mold control to displace the pair of blow molds to the open position, and fourth operating the takeout control to retract the takeout to the “out” position.
Electro-mechanical latching apparatus
Publication/Patent Number: US6345522B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/371,633 Filing Date: 1999-08-11 Inventor: Stillwagon, Woodrow C.   Meeks, Jean L.   Sparks, J. Travis   Assignee: Star Lock Systems, Inc.   IPC: E05B4700 Abstract: An electro-mechanical latching apparatus for an enclosure such as a vending machine and including an electronic lock controller for disengaging a latch assembly securing the door of the enclosure against the enclosure frame in a closed, locked position. Upon actuation, the lock controller disengages the latch assembly and enable the door of the enclosure to be moved to an open position for accessing the enclosure.
Wheel-acting force measuring device
Publication/Patent Number: US6345530B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/472,106 Filing Date: 1999-12-27 Inventor: Miyazaki, Nagao   Assignee: Japan Electronics Industry, Limited   IPC: G01N1900 Abstract: A wheel-acting force measuring system for measuring for measuring force generated by a wheel having a road contacting surface is provided. The system includes an axle having a brake disk attachment portion and a spindle portion extending outwardly from the brake disk attachment portion to which the wheel is mounted, and a stress detecting sensor embedded in the spindle portion at a position between the brake disc attachment portion and a plane perpendicular to the road contacting surface of the wheel. In an embodiment there is further provided a brake caliper having a brake caliper angle defined by a caliper fixing axis and a wheel traveling direction, and the stress detecting sensor is mounted substantially at the brake caliper angle with respect to the wheel traveling direction and parallel to the caliper fixing axis.
Multiple-phase flow meter
Publication/Patent Number: US6345536B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/151,253 Filing Date: 1998-09-10 Inventor: Morrison, Gerald L.   Holste, James C.   Hall, Kenneth R.   Assignee: The Texas A&M University System   IPC: G01F174 Abstract: This invention is related to flow meter instrumentation. More particularly, the invention is related to obstruction flow meters which are used in series in a flow conduit to determine the volume flow rate of liquid and gas phases of fluid flowing within the conduit. Multiple flow meters including at least one obstruction type flow meter are positioned serially within a flow conduit such as a pipe. Mathematical equations are developed for each flow meter based upon measured quantities and phase flow rates within the liquid stream. These equations are then solved simultaneously to obtain the desired phase flow rates. Two flow meters are used to determine the gas and liquid flow rates. Alternately three flow meters are used to determine the flow rates of a gas and two liquid phases.
Stator structure of highspeed motor
Publication/Patent Number: US6346759B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/491,825 Filing Date: 2000-01-26 Inventor: Suzuki, Yuzuru   Fujitani, Sakae   Ohyashiki, Taketoshi   Harada, Naoyuki   Assignee: Minebea Co., Ltd.   IPC: H02K100 Abstract: The present invention provides, at low cost, a stator structure of a high-performance motor, which gives off lower temperature rise, strives for a more highly efficient magnetic circuit, and achieves lower power consumption at highspeed rotation, while at the same time striving to achieve a stable rotor position by preventing rotor float at highspeed rotation. In a highspeed motor comprising a stator including a stator yoke made of a soft magnetic material and coils composed of magnet wires wound on salient poles of the stator yoke; A rotor including a field magnet includes a permanent magnet so as to face the salient poles of the stator by way of an air gap and a shaft as the center of rotation in the center thereof; and a base plate having a housing which has two bearings for rotatably holding the rotor in the center of the stator, improvement being that the stator yoke is constituted by winding a soft magnetic steel sheet.
Spark plug for internal combustion engine and method for manufacturing same
Publication/Patent Number: US6346766B1 Publication Date: 2002-02-12 Application Number: 09/313,361 Filing Date: 1999-05-18 Inventor: Kanao, Keiji   Hori, Tsunenobu   Assignee: Denso Corporation   IPC: H01T1320 Abstract: In a spark plug, a chip or a plurality of chips made of Ir alloy are bonded by resistance welding through a stress releasing layer on the respective chip mounting portions of the center and ground electrodes made of Ni base alloy. At the temperature of 900° C., the value of Young's modulus of the stress releasing layer is less than those of the Ir alloy and the Ni base alloy and, further, the value of linear expansion co-efficient of the stress releasing layer is intermediate between those of the Ir alloy and the Ni base alloy. The bonded junction of the chip and the stress releasing layer is shaped as a curved surface.
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