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Electrical connector
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184708A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 10/581,195 Filing Date: 2004-12-24 Inventor: Murakami, Takao   Kozono, Seiji   Assignee: YAZAKI CORPORATION   IPC: H01R3/00 Abstract: The invention provides a connector having a pair of first and second connector housings for preventing looseness between the connector housings in lateral and longitudinal directions of the connector, surely eliminating frictional wear of male and female terminals in the connector housings. The connector can reliably resist to an external vibration force. A male connector housing 13 is resiliently urged by a waterproof packing 32 toward a female connector housing 36. The male connector housing 13 has an inner housing 25 formed with a plurality of looseness prohibiting projections 30. The looseness prohibiting projection 30 has a tapered surface 30a. An inner surface of a peripheral wall 39 of the female connector housing 36 is formed with a tapered surface 41 engaged with the tapered surface 30a on complete mating of the connector housings 13, 36. The waterproof packing 32 is closely sandwiched between the an outer surface of a peripheral wall 28 of the inner housing 25 and an inner surface of a peripheral wall 39 of the female connector housing 36.
Arcuate patch panel assembly
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184712A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/347,628 Filing Date: 2006-02-03 Inventor: Martich, Mark   Levesque, Stewart   Assignee: Ortronics, Inc.   IPC: H01R13/60 Abstract: A curved or arcuate patch panel is configured to be mounted to a rack or console. The patch panel facilitates cable management functions and enhances space utilization at and around the rack/patch panel assembly. The patch panel includes an elongated patch panel element having a predominantly curved length extent and exhibiting a peak region, preferably located at the center of the patch panel. The patch panel also includes flange members that extend from the elongated patch panel element, and that define a mounting face for the patch panel. Optionally, the flange members further define an extension arm that is intermediate to the mounting face and the elongated patch panel element. The extension arm is dimensioned to facilitate at least partial recessing of the elongated patch panel element relative to the rack/console when the patch panel is mounted thereto.
Cable Guiding Device
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184714A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/673,122 Filing Date: 2007-02-09 Inventor: Pfluger, Gerd   Assignee: ZURECON AG   IPC: H01R9/05 Abstract: A cable guiding device with a cable guiding portion, such as a duct, that serves for guiding installed cables and that is mounted by a mounting device to a part of a building, such as a wall or ceiling. Said mounting device comprises a holder having an upper portion, a lower portion and at least two opposing side walls, which define a cavity with a longitudinal axis substantially parallel to the axis of the mounted cable guiding portion. The holder further comprises at least one longitudinal slot disposed at an angle relative to said longitudinal axis, said slot extending the length of said holder and providing access to the cavity which is dimensioned to receive and at least partially envelope a cable disposed therein. The cable guiding portion, which comprises a bottom and first and second side walls, is attachable to said holder so as to cover said slot opening and wherein the cable guiding portion is dimensioned to clutch at least a portion of said holder.
Connector assembly having a securing member
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184720A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/704,670 Filing Date: 2007-02-09 Inventor: Burkhard, Harley D.   Johnston, Kenneth G.   Assignee: Burkhard, Harley D.   Johnston, Kenneth G.   IPC: H01R9/03 Abstract: A connector assembly for connecting an electrical terminal to a terminal receiver includes a body portion having a first surface including a biasable lock member extending therefrom and a second surface defining a plurality of recesses. The connector assembly also includes a securing member having a plurality of finger portions with one of the finger portions disposed in each of the recesses so as to prevent or lessen any movement of the electrical terminal relative to the terminal receiver within the recess. The securing member has a locking tab member that can engage and pivot the lock member for locking the securing member to the body portion.
Power distribution unit and methods of making and use including modular construction and assemblies
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184721A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/653,098 Filing Date: 2007-01-11 Inventor: Ewing, Carrel   Cleveland, Andrew   Maskaly, James   Greenblat, Dave   Ewing, Brandon   Assignee: Server Technology, Inc.   IPC: H01R13/68 Abstract: Described herein are various embodiments of a power distribution unit having modular components. For example, according to one embodiment, a power distribution unit can include a component portion that comprises at least two modules selected from the group consisting of outlet modules, circuit protection modules, power input modules, communications I/O modules, and display modules. Each of the at least two modules of the component portion can comprise at least one connection element and can be removably secured to one or more other of the at least two modules via the connection elements. The power distribution unit can also include a housing that defines an interior cavity. The component portion can be removably secured to the housing at least partially within the interior cavity.
NEXT high frequency improvement using hybrid substrates of two materials with different dielectric constant frequency slopes
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184724A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/734,263 Filing Date: 2007-04-11 Inventor: Adriaenssens, Luc   Hashim, Amid   Long, Troy   Assignee: Adriaenssens, Luc   Hashim, Amid   Long, Troy   IPC: H01R24/00 Abstract: A connector is provided for simultaneously improving both the NEXT high frequency performance when low crosstalk plugs are used and the NEXT low frequency performance when high crosstalk plugs are used. The connector includes PCB substrates made of materials having different dielectric frequency characteristics.
Cable Support Sytems
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184726A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/735,630 Filing Date: 2007-04-16 Inventor: Shuey, Alan   Assignee: Shuey, Alan   IPC: H01R4/28 Abstract: Cable Support Systems for supporting an object at a desired distance below an overhead beam or other overhead structure are provided. Novel clamps for clamping to the overhead structure are fitted to support cables that encircle objects to be supported by the cable support systems. The novel clamps have internal methods to support the cables. The cables are then encircled around the objects and fixed relative to the clamp. The distances between the object and the clamps may be precisely controlled.
Housing structure and electronic apparatus having the same
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184727A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/707,261 Filing Date: 2007-02-16 Inventor: Kanayama, Masaki   Kawami, Mitsuhiko   Morooka, Hisao   Assignee: FUJITSU LIMITED   IPC: H01R13/405 Abstract: A housing accommodates a circuit board and an electronic component electrically connected to the circuit board, and is used for an electronic apparatus that includes the circuit board and the electronic component. The housing includes a cover that is made by extrusion molding of metal.
Water jet woven air bag fabric made from sized yarns
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184733A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/349,052 Filing Date: 2006-02-07 Inventor: Manley, Scott   Assignee: Safety Components Fabric Technologies, Inc.   IPC: B31B45/00 Abstract: An air bag material and a process for making the material are disclosed. The air bag material is formed from a water jet woven fabric containing warp yarns and weft yarns. In accordance with the present disclosure, the warp yarns are treated with a size composition prior to being woven into the fabric. The size composition improves the runnability of the yarns. Of particular advantage, the size composition does not need to be removed after the fabric is produced. In fact, leaving the size composition on the fabric has been found to significantly increase the tear strength of the fabric.
Moisture absorbing wrap
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184734A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/347,949 Filing Date: 2006-02-06 Inventor: Ramsay, Hamish   Assignee: Ramsay, Hamish   IPC: B32B33/00 Abstract: An absorbent wrap for absorbing moisture condensate running down a chilled container, the wrap comprising a length of absorbent material having a first end and a second end, at least one end having a means for attaching the two ends together to hold the wrap in position. The wrap can be made of fibrous material, such as paper or cardboard, woven material, such as fabric, nonwoven material, such as polymeric filaments, or can be a multilayer material. The attaching means can be adhesive, hook and loop fastener material or the like.
Blended Outer Shell Fabrics
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184737A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/737,233 Filing Date: 2007-04-19 Inventor: Corner, Christopher   Jewell, Stan   Assignee: Southern Mills, Inc.   IPC: D03D13/00 Abstract: The present disclose relates to blended outer shell fabrics. In one embodiment, an outer shell fabric for use in firefighter turnout gear includes a plurality of yarns that comprise at least three different types of inherently flame resistant fibers. In another embodiment, a fabric includes a blend of inherently flame resistant fibers, the blend including a plurality of para-aramid fibers, a plurality of meta-aramid fibers, and a plurality of polybenzoxazole (PBO) fibers.
Multiaxial complex
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184738A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 10/598,727 Filing Date: 2004-03-10 Inventor: Wagener, Gert   Assignee: SAERTEX GMBH & CO. KG   IPC: D03D11/00 Abstract: The invention relates to a multiaxial complex of multifilament threads formed of continuous filaments, whereby the multifilament threads are placed on top of one another in different orientations, and the threads of the 0° layers run in the production direction, and whereby the multifilament threads of the 0° layers are laid in between the other multifilament layers layered in different orientations and, spread apart and without any torsion before their placement, are placed onto the previous multifilament layer.
Tackified polymeric compositions for perfume delivery
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184739A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/698,241 Filing Date: 2007-01-25 Inventor: Macbeath, Calum   Corzani, Italo   Assignee: The Procter & Gamble Company   IPC: B32B27/12 Abstract: A polymeric composition comprising a copolymer obtained from at least one monomer comprising an ether group and at least one monomer not comprising an ether group, a tackifier, and a volatile material. The compositions are able to deliver effectively the volatile material incorporated for a long time and also have good adhesion properties on most substrates.
Aligning OLED substrates to a shadow mask
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184745A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/351,153 Filing Date: 2006-02-09 Inventor: Griffin, Todd   Palone, Thomas   Assignee: Eastman Kodak Company   IPC: C23C16/52 Abstract: A method of aligning an OLED substrate with a shadow mask includes forming a shadow mask with at least three spaced alignment openings, providing a precision alignment element into each of the alignment openings, and positioning the OLED substrate so that the edges of the OLED substrate engage the precision alignment elements and thereby align the shadow mask with the OLED substrate.
Tool for working on a surface
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184765A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/651,906 Filing Date: 2007-01-09 Inventor: Annis, Kent   Assignee: Annis, Kent   IPC: B23F21/03 Abstract: An embodiment of a tool for working on a surface includes a rigid tool support, a pad attached to a lower surface of the rigid tool support, a working material replaceably attached to a lower surface of the pad, and a vacuum attachment member connected to the rigid tool support, the vacuum attachment member including an outlet for releasable attachment to a vacuum source.
Loin puller with two separate cutting blades
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184767A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/642,519 Filing Date: 2006-12-21 Inventor: Roy, Jean-guy   Dufour, Yvon   Assignee: G.E. LEBLANC INC.   IPC: A22C18/00 Abstract: Disclosed is a loin puller for trimming off the backfat of a loin that has been scribed from a belly. This loin puller has a frame on which is mounted a conveying system for engaging the loin and moving it towards a cutting zone. In this zone, a cutting tool is mounted for engaging the loin when it is moved by the conveying system, and for cutting the backfat to be trimmed off from the loin, with the so-cut backfat remaining attached to the belly. The cutting tool has two blades that are preferably controlled independently from each other. One of these blades is arcuate and positioned onto the frame so as to engage at least one part of the loin from a side of the loin opposite to the belly, and to cut the backfat to be trimmed-from the loin. The other blade is L-shaped and positioned onto the frame so as to engage another part of the loin and cut the backfat to be trimmed thereof directly from the scribing is line just below the back ribs of the loin. The two blades are long enough to ensure that all the backfat of the loin be trimmed off. Advantageously, the arcuate blade has one end pivotably attached to the frame by means of a joint and another opposite end attached either to the frame or the L-shaped blade. The use of such a joint gives much more flexibility of the arcuate blade and makes it much more efficient.
Duct apparatus
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184770A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/598,641 Filing Date: 2006-11-14 Inventor: Shibata, Minoru   Terai, Nobuhiro   Assignee: TOYODA GOSEI CO., LTD.   IPC: B60H1/00 Abstract: A duct apparatus which is connected to an air conditioner and has therein a tubular duct through which conditioned air circulates, includes: an opening portion provided in the duct which extends along a flowing direction of the conditioned air which flows in, the opening portion being provided in such a manner as to extend along the flowing direction of the conditioned air; and a plate-shaped air guiding portion for covering the opening portion, wherein the air guiding portion has a plate thickness of 1.0 mm or more, and has a plurality of air guiding holes allowing an interior of the duct to communicate with an outside and arranged along the flowing direction of the conditioned air.
Transmission device, electric field communication transceiver, and electric field communication system
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184788A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 10/591,389 Filing Date: 2005-12-01 Inventor: Minotani, Tadashi   Shibata, Nobutarou   Shinagawa, Mitsuru   Assignee: Minotani, Tadashi   Shibata, Nobutarou   Shinagawa, Mitsuru   IPC: H04B1/04 Abstract: There is provided a transmission means (3) configured to transmit a modulated signal obtained by modulating data, a transmission electrode (8) that induces an electric field based on the modulated signal in an electric field transmission medium (20), a first reactance means (2) that is provided between the electric field transmission medium (20) and an earth ground (14) and configured to cause resonance with parasitic capacitance produced between a ground (6) the transmission means (3) and the earth ground (14), parasitic capacitance produced between the electric field transmission medium (20) and the ground (6) of the transmission means (3) and parasitic capacitance produced between the electric field transmission medium (20) and the earth ground (14), and a second reactance means (1) provided between an output of the transmission means (3) and the ground (6) of the transmission means (3) or between the transmission electrode (8) and the ground (6) of the transmission means (3).
RF Power Amplifier Controller Circuit
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184792A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/621,522 Filing Date: 2007-01-09 Inventor: Drogi, Serge Francois   Vinayak, Vikas   Assignee: QUANTANCE, INC.   IPC: H04B1/04 Abstract: A power amplifier controller circuit controls a power amplifier based upon an amplitude correction signal indicating the amplitude difference between the amplitude of the input signal and an attenuated amplitude of the output signal. The power amplifier controller circuit comprises an amplitude control loop and a phase control loop. The amplitude control loop adjusts the supply voltage to the power amplifier based upon the amplitude correction signal. The phase control loop adjusts the phase of the input signal based upon a phase error signal indicating a phase difference between phases of the input signal and the output signal to reduce phase distortion generated by the power amplifier. The amplitude control loop and the phase control loop may also adjust the gain and/or phase of the power amplifier, respectively.
Publication/Patent Number: US2007184588A1 Publication Date: 2007-08-09 Application Number: 11/735,075 Filing Date: 2007-04-13 Inventor: Furukawa, Toshiharu   Hakey, Mark   Horak, David   Koburger, Charles   Mitchell, Peter   Assignee: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION   IPC: H01L21/84 Abstract: A field effect transistor is formed having wrap-around, vertically-aligned, dual gate electrodes. Starting with a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure having a buried silicon island, a vertical reference edge is defined, by creating a cavity within the SOI structure, and used during two etch-back steps that can be reliably performed. The first etch-back removes a portion of an oxide layer for a first distance over which a gate conductor material is then applied. The second etch-back removes a portion of the gate conductor material for a second distance. The difference between the first and second distances defines the gate length of the eventual device. After stripping away the oxide layers, a vertical gate electrode is revealed that surrounds the buried silicon island on all four side surfaces.
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