• Competitor Profiling

    Detailed competitor patent profiling. For companies that want to enter a new market or grow shares of an existing one, knowledge of your competitors is critical to your success. Analysis include: in-depth analysis of patent portfolios, strengths and weaknesses, comprehensive insight on patent-related activities.

  • Technology Landscaping

    High-level view of patents within a technology area ($$). This is for companies that just want a glimpse at what technology currently exists in their industry. Analysis include: segment analysis by portfolio size, key players, patent and technology trends, business and market trends, global competitive trends, white spaces, new patenting opportunities, and key patents.

  • Competitive Landscaping

    Comprehensive analysis of known and unknown competitor positions and quality of IP ($$$). For companies that want to navigate around competitor activity, predict emerging trends, and possibly identify disruptive innovation before it occurs. In an era of cut-throat competition, it is important to keep a tab on your competitors, their patent portfolios, their strength and weakness, and their growth strategy. Competitive landscape analysis can help you compare and contrast yours with theirs so that you can make informed critical business decisions.

  • Industry Landscaping

    In-depth IP analysis of a particular industry in its totality ($$$$). Whether you are about to take a plunge into the market, or you want to identify all opportunities that the industry can offer, determine viable future research and business development paths to maximize ROI, it is important to gain insights about this particular industry. A full in-depth analysis of the entire industry and all related players from a white-space, innovation direction, and quality of IP perspectives is widely used as a knowledge base for technology troubleshooting, freedom to operate decisions, state of the art updates, understanding competitor strategy, and understanding technology trends, among others.

  • IP Strategy Consulting

    Personalized consultation with our IP experts ($$$$$). Industry Landscape report will be provided first to you as a starting point for our discussion. No matter whether you wish to understand the market size of the industry, current operating companies, their patent strategy, patent trends of that industry, market opportunities and risks, we will come up with a detailed analysis of each of these elements that can have an impact on your business goal. Our industry insights are detailed, descriptive and targeted that can offer invaluable insights to businesses.