Enable Better Technical Decisions to Develop Right Capabilities to Create Value

  • Generate More Business from Patent Data

    With PatentGuru, you can easily search, find, filter, and analyze a list of companies in any specific fields. Automatic related entity suggestions can provide you more hints in developing a list. Those downloadable, target list of innovative companies could be your potential new clients.

  • Improve Your Quality of Services

    PatentGuru big data analysis provides you innovative analysis, charts and information to deepen you industry knowledge, and enrich your expertise in the market place.

  • Increase Client Engagement and Collaboration

    Using PatentGuru collaborative tools, you can invite your clients to a personal and customizable environment where you can share, comment and build upon ideas in a truly collaborative way. This close collaboration between you and your clients will strength your presence and generate more successful, long-term business opportunities.

  • Shorten Time to Market

    Even in a crowded field where dozens of other players apply for many more patents in the same space, you gain competitive advantage if you can use PatentGuru to identify the right partners to achieve technical lead."