Secure Your Innovation Cycle

  • Maximize the ROI of Your R&D

    By analyzing your innovation ecosystem, identifying threats and opportunities with smart PatentGuru analytics indicators and metrics, you can easily spot opportunities and potentially costly failures earlier in your process. Those validated and industry proven metrics simplify communication between IP departments and management. Decisions to go on, adapt or even abandon a given line of research can be made quicker and with more confidence.

  • Shift Strategies at The Right Time with the Right Information

    Leverage comprehensive data and analytics on patents from PatentGuru allows you to decide build your own or seek stronger partnerships - make the most successful investment decision for your business.

  • Map The Market to Inform Your Strategy

    Follow all relevant fields to discover fast-growing technologies and companies to target, emerging industries to enter and new competitors to watch. Track companies and trends - from topics to specific inventors - in your space, adapt your strategy to changes in the market and see if it's smarter to buy, build or partner.

  • Find and Evaluate Better Opportunities

    Search for companies that match your preferences (like industry, technical areas and other innovation metrics) to zero in on promising opportunities. Determine if investing in or acquiring a company makes strategic sense for your business with data like patent trends and other portfolio analytics.