Discover and Evaluate Technologies, Market Landscape, Experts and Entities

  • Explore Disruptive or Complementary Technologies

    Whether you are analyzing a mature technology field dominated by multinationals or an emerging space pioneered by start-ups, PatentGuru platform allows you to identify and analyze different technologies from the plethora of patent data out there. You can explore the patent landscape in any way you want, or exploit our harmonized ownership and patent classification data to quickly find and analyze technologies of interest.

  • Follow and Monitor Market Activity

    PatentGuru can monitor and analyze any data you might be interested - inventors, entities, publication activity, etc. Timely alerts will keep you stay ahead of competition and won't be caught off guard by market announcements.

  • Identify Potential Experts and Key Partners

    Whether you are looking for strategic experts or partners locally or globally, PatentGuru searching and filtering tool allows you to target and identify the right person or entity.

  • Discover Uprising Start-ups

    PatentGuru comprehensive search, filter, ranking, and analytics tools provide you information you need to spot a small start-up with a disruptive innovation in as earliest phase as possible.