Identify Promising Licensees and Valuable Patents for Licensing

  • Find Valuable Patents from Your Portfolio for Licensing

    By analyzing prior art citations, PatentGuru can help you find entities that rely on your technology. The majority of citations data originate from highly-trained and impartial patent examiners of different jurisdictions. PatentGuru’s powerful analysis tools quickly reveal technical relationships to understand which patents may be suitable for licensing and to whom.

  • Evaluate Potential Licensees

    Potential licensing targets can be profiled with PatentGuru analytics tool to gain more insights into their portfolios, operations, and potential willingness to pay.

  • Detecting Collaborators and Partners

    PatentGuru smart search can help you find relevant patents and potential partners to speed up your innovation process, expedite commercialization to resolve hard-to-solve problems.

  • Standard Licensing Data

    PatentGuru in-house topic professionals correlate information from standardization bodies, such as IEEE, ETSI or ANSI, with patent data so that it is easy to find out standard-relevant patents and their current owners for potential licensing opportunities.