Reveal Key Targets and Partners to Create Long-term Strategic Value

  • Identify Acquisition Targets and Alternatives

    Via relevant smart patent search, filtering and analytics, PatentGuru platform offers a systematic way for you to scan the worldwide patent landscape for suitable acquisition targets or partners that could provide your competitive edge.

  • Evaluate Technological Fit

    Once a list of potential partners is collected, their portfolios can be examined in details regarding values or risks. This will provide a base to assess the value of the assets and associated liabilities, if any.

  • Identify New Entrants

    Regularly updated PatentGuru databases and search technologies can timely identify upcoming new entrants in the field. It either helps create values by potentially acquiring new entrants at an affordable and reasonable value, or prevents potential risks by forming defensive technical strategy if they were acquired by competitors.

  • Analyze Key Patents

    For critical patents in M&A portfolios, PatentGuru search and analytics technology can search and demonstrate all relevant information of those patents. A comprehensive analysis will help prevent missing any critical issues that could cause liability damages in the future."