Reveal Strength and Weakness of Patent Portfolio to Sustain and Enhance Value

  • Identify Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses

    PatentGuru platform provides tools to evaluate a portfolio. PatentGuru database has all relevant patent information from reliable current ownership to legal status information. It allows a more in-depth analysis of any portfolio that will elucidate the positions you were, you are, and probably you will be.

  • Increase Portfolio Efficiency

    PatentGuru suite can reveal patents of little or no value that can be divested as well as opportunities to strengthen the portfolio around key technologies in the market place.

  • Define Country Filing Strategy

    International filing strategies can be optimized in the light of the IP landscapes in the respective countries and the behavior of competitors. PatentGuru analytics platform will provide information to optimize your international filing.

  • Manage Annuity Costs

    Using the PatentGuru intelligence platform to evaluate patent portfolio will provide analysis to help you prune the right patents effectively to keep costs down while not sacrificing licensing potentials.