Provide Your Patrons with a Professional Patent Research Database and Software Platform

  • Comprehensive Database Coverage

    We believe in the power of open access and shared knowledge. PatentGuru global database covers over 60 million patent documents with abstracts, full documents, PDFs, citation data, legal status data and family data from WIPO and over 100 patent-issuing authorities worldwide. The database is updated weekly and expanded constantly.

  • Unique Research Features

    PatentGuru's innovative patent intelligence platform provides comprehensive patent insight information of research topics, corporations and inventors. Emerging as the leading destination for patent research, PatentGuru provides comprehensive patent ranking, analysis and other research capabilities that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Professional Platform Tools

    Through our professional search, monitor, collaboration with notes and team capabilities, and analytics features, PatentGuru provides your patrons world-class patent research and analytics tools that can facilitate all kinds of patent searches and innovation researches.

  • Library Technology Ready

    As a fastest-growing patent SaaS cloud platform, PatentGuru can integrate with various library systems to enable patrons to have secure access to our database locally or remotely with their own personalized account. Our expert technical team will help with the technical integration with your library systems.