Accelerate Your R&D Capability to Stay at the Front

  • Detect New Opportunities

    Search suggestions using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help you capture an instant and broad overview of your search topics. Identification of those relevant areas will provide you ideas of promising fields to explore.

  • Monitor Competitive Activities

    PatentGuru platform allows you to follow any inventor or assignee, and monitor any topic using a search query in almost any way you like. Timely updates will help you keep an eye on the competition field to gain insights and reduce your risks.

  • Find Right Partners

    With its smart search, corporate tree hierarchy, and filtering technology, PatentGuru platform instantly provides you with a list of the most relevant potential partners (e.g. companies, universities) that are working on your topics that could be your partners.

  • Align IP and Business Strategy

    With PatentGuru’s analytics tool, IP departments can position themselves as a value-added service, or even as a profit center, drive innovation, and become a key contributor to business strategy - support management decisions with patent experts’ insights.