Leads Innovation

  • Research Commercialization

    PatentGuru can help you map your internal scientific and technological skills, capitalize on your knowledge intelligence, evaluate your collective and individual capabilities, so you can visualize your organization's skills in a different way and quickly identify research with potential. PatentGuru analytics tools will also easily identify those entities that might be interested to commercialize your research.

  • Stay Up To Date on Advances in Innovation and Technology

    Staying abreast of the latest developments in rapidly changing world of technology is undoubtedly a competitive advantage. PatentGuru constantly updated data and annual summary provide you insights in innovation in marketplace.

  • Technology Transfer

    Research with commercial objectives is now a major concern for academic and research institutions, and technology transfer offices. Licensing the innovation and finding industrial partners is vital. PatentGuru provides you tool to have a global overview on your technologies, companies and partners in the marketplace - helps you find commercial opportunities.

  • Target Career Opportunities

    With increasing competition and access to a global environment, talents and opportunities are everywhere. PatentGuru analytics will list all major players in the field - targeting specific companies or relevant industries to campus is now a key requirement to for students to find the right job or an internship.