Identify, Profile Your Next Successful Markets and Customers

  • Target Effective Markets and Clients

    Through fast, simple, and smart searching, PatentGuru search and analytics platform helps you break away from traditional prospecting methods and identify companies ready to work with you on commercialization, licensing, partnerships, and more.

  • Know Your Prospects

    PatentGuru company analytics tool help you study your clients portfolio and understand their innovation activities in a simple but accurate way. You gain key insights understanding your prospects on a technical level and engage more effectively with them.

  • Deliver Impactful Marketing Message

    PatentGuru analytics tools helps you gain understanding of technology innovation so that you can position your marketing with appropriate technical messages at the right time if needed.

  • Improve Quality Interaction with Clients

    PatentGuru analytics tools allows you quickly generate lists of innovative companies and experts working in any field. Armed with relevant insights, you can become more effective and productive in carrying conversations with prospects.