Grow an Innovation Foundation

  • Winning Strategy to Secure Funding

    Building successful business is always about choosing the right partners. With PatentGuru’s structured search and filtering technology, you can get up to date information of players in your field. Further investors research of those players will narrow down the targeted investors with key interest and expertise in your field.

  • Enhance Your Partner Network

    PatentGuru allows you find players in the fields related to yours. You can then connect with other firms who work on related technology that you need for your own development. Or you can find the right partners to grow your product and service.

  • Track Your Competition

    Hone your firm's IP and business strategy with insight into the strategies other firms using PatentGuru portfolio analytics and monitor tool. Search for competitors based on industry and keywords, and get alerted when new companies meet these criteria. Dive into your competitors’ previous patent applications to better understand where they‘re going next and inform your own strategy.

  • Analyze Macro and Micro Industry Trends

    Track technologies and entities to understand the trends driving a particular industry and the market as a whole through PatentGuru intelligence platform. See the most active entities in your industry-to determine who you may be going up against.