Profile Start-ups and Competitor Portfolio

  • Discover New Opportunities

    Use PatentGuru to access up to date profiles on the innovative players that are shaping the scientific and technological frontiers - quickly and easily gain insights on their expertise, trends and technical development - to inform your investment thesis. You can use PatentGuru portfolio analysis tool to look inside other investors’ portfolios to better understand their strategies and where they're finding success.

  • Source Promising Investments

    PatentGuru analytics platform helps you sort through that pile of pitch decks faster and get the information you need to source and vet opportunities - including technical patent, competitors, market trend. Set an alert to get notified when a promising company publishes new patent documents.

  • Map The Market to Inform Your Strategy

    Follow all relevant fields to discover fast-growing technologies and companies to target, emerging industries to enter and new competitors to watch. Track companies and trends - from topics to specific inventors - in your space, adapt your strategy to changes in the market and see if it's smarter to buy, build or partner.

  • Find and Evaluate Better Opportunities

    Search for companies that match your preferences (like industry, technical areas and other innovation metrics) to zero in on promising opportunities. Determine if investing in or acquiring a company makes strategic sense for your business with data like patent trends and other portfolio analytics.